Great lineup, awesome food. What else could you ask for?

1. Great Lineup

The lineup hasn't been announced yet this year, but the past lineups have been awesome! Last year, Bunbury hosted Moon Taxi, Arkells, The 1975, Muse, Tech N9ne, Hello Luna and tons more. I can't wait for the lineup announcement this year because I already know it's going to be FANTASTIC. 

Last year's lineup: 

2017 lineup

2. Awesome Food

Gluten Free? Vegan? Love BBQ? They have a little bit of everything at Bunbury to meet tons of different types of diets. I even tried a few of the vegan options and they were AWESOME. I think about that Vegan ice cream almost every day.

Vegan Ice Cream

3. Really cool location

Bunbury takes place alongside the river downtown. This allows you to take your food down by the river to get some of the breeze to cool you down. Outside of the festival, Cincinnati has lots of awesome restaurants to eat at and places to visit. 

Cin Bridge

4. Spread out, so you aren't crowded

Bunbury is spread across the entire downtown river location. This is about a mile of music, art, food, and things to do. I never felt like I was cramped in a tight space because there was always room to get away from people and hang out by the water. 


5. Appreciation for the little guys/ladies

Bunbury has several different stages with lots of action. The thing I found at Bunbury that made it stand out was the small acoustic stage. Lots of festivals have a smaller section that it placed in a far off corner of the festival, but Bunbury put the small acoustic stage smack dab in the middle of the festival. I also liked that they made it a place to cool down, lay out and just take in the music. We found ourselves here several different times hanging out on the cool little air filled couches. (Photo below of Jared Malone)


6. Reasonable price

Bunbury is a good value for the price you are paying. Tickets for GA are currently only $169. In comparison, many festivals are upwards of $350 and offer an equal amount of acts. They are also placed in such a weird location that it's often hard to find hotels and lodging for the show. The food and drinks are also reasonably priced. I've been to a festival and paid $15 for a water. Nothing crazy like that here. Attending this festival allows you to save some cash while still having an awesome time. 

Bunbury Music Fest

Interested in buying tickets or learning more about this festival? Visit Bunbury's website

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