Ever wonder what is being added to the station? Well WBGU-FM has a Spotify account and Tierra Jones, our Music Director creates playlists of our currents for everyone to checkout. The playlist currently being added to is Sept-Oct Currents and there are some awesome tracks on there that you should all check out. 

 “Heart Is For” by Touch the Buffalo

            This a great song to chill to but you can also jam to it. The drums and guitar on this track are what make it so great. Those two instruments start of the tracks and immediately catch your attention. Throughout the track, they both are repetitive but towards the end of the track they both build then explode. There is a killer guitar solo that make you just want to rock out. It takes the track to the next level. Following the guitar solo is a drum moment that is awesome. Of course, the vocals sound great as well. Like the instrumentals, the vocals stay steady throughout and have a moment of build towards the end as well. Everything works together to create an awesome track for many different occasions. 

“Scene of the Crime” by Gasper Sanz

            This song starts out with an almost haunting intro that build rapidly with the vocals and electronic effects. Then just goes right into the chorus with some guitar, drums and unique vocals. One of my favorite moments on this track is after the second chorus. There is a cool electronic break that transitions into a cool, quitter vocal moment that then goes right back into the same big chorus. This track does not stop moving. Once the first chorus comes in, the track goes full steam ahead. I love the vocals in particular. They mesh well with the instrumentation and the effects added do not overpower at all. The mood and feel of this scene is awesome and great addition to the playlist. 

“Man Behind the Curtain” by Touch The Buffalo

            This track has more going on than the previous track by Touch The Buffalo. On this track, the vocals have more emotion behind them. It sounds almost like the vocalist is begging and in upset over something. Once again there is an instrumental break during the track, but this time it is much longer. The drums start off this time before the guitar comes in and both of them show off their skills. It sounds like they are full of the same emotion that the vocals are. This track has more of rock feel than the previous track and shows off the skills of this band, vocally and instrumentally very well. 

“Meanderthal” by Gaspar Sanz

            This one starts out with a guitar line. The guitar is the main driving force of this song. The guitar line is very repetitive, especially during the choruses and compliments the vocals nicely. The guitar takes more of backseat during the chorus and the vocals with a bit of drum become the main focus. This track uses less electronic effects on the vocals than the previous track, allowing for the vocal talent to shine more. This track makes you want to get up and dance around the room, which is always a sign of a great song. This a fun track that is great add to this playlist. 

“Symbiotic” by TGC

            This is the most electronic song on this playlist. The clapping beat in the background is featured in the beginning before the vocals come in and continue throughout the song. The vocals are simpler and have a laid-back feel to them, which create an overall laid-back feel for this track. This track is one that you can put on in the background while you are relaxing or while you are going on a drive. This track rounds out the playlist well, with its more chill, electronic vibe. It is repetitive but not annoying repetitive. It’s a song that is great add to a chill, relax playlist. 

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