Not Your Average Losers

Not Your Average Losers is a self-described schizophrenic rock band from Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania. The band consists of Reggie Litster on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Stephen Thomas on lead guitar, Nick Sollon on bass, and Vinnie Sabatini on drums. I had the chance to talk with them after they opened for The Stolen on June 10th at The Smiling Moose in Pittsburgh.

The boys met in school, where Reggie and Nick sat at the same lunch table. 

“Nick said he played bass and I said I play guitar and we were like ‘we should make a band,’” Reggie retold. “But then Stephen and I made a band instead, and not Nick. And then we all made a band.” 

While they’re an up and coming band, Not Your Average Losers still have experience playing in the city of Pittsburgh -- and they love it. They enjoy the energy in the room every time they perform. 

“Before we go on stage, we all get really nervous and then we start playing and suddenly it’s all gone. We’re just having a lot of fun watching people listen to our music,” Nick said about the experience.

“I think Pittsburgh is a great place for up and coming music. There’s a lot of Pittsburgh bands that are really good and really unknown,” Stephen added.

The band is influenced by many genres and musicians, but each member has their own favorite influence.

“I listened to Metallica’sThe Black Albumand played along with it when I was 13 and that’s how I learned to play drums, so they’ll forever hold a special place in my heart,” Vinnie said about his music influences. “Other than that, just old school metal, in general, is my favorite.” 

“I listen to pretty much everything,” Stephen admitted. “So it’s hard to say one thing I draw influence from, but the reason I got into guitar was a band called Smash Mouth. I saw them live and I thought it was cool and I knew I wanted to do that.”

“My favorite band is Radiohead,” Reggie said, “and I think Thom Yorke’s vocals really inspired the way that I wanted to sing and I think Tom Morello [of Audioslave] inspired the kind of guitar work I like to do.”

“I look up to a lot of rock bands,” Nick said. “But I just started playing because I’ve tried a whole bunch of instruments before and they never worked out… With my first paycheck I just randomly bought a bass and stuck with it.”

Not Your Average Losers will be performing at Yinzfest on July 27th in Pittsburgh at Mr. Smalls Theater. Featuring over 30 bands and other performers, it will be the underground event of the summer. From noon to midnight on July 27, it is an all-day event that is sure to thrill. Purchase tickets at the following link:

Not Your Average Losers can be followed on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook at @nyalosers.

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