On Wednesday November 14 singer/ songwriter Hozier released the single “Movement." The is the most recent release from Hozier since he released the “Nina Cried Power” EP on September 6 of this year. 

The song opens with some piano and a simple clapping beat, then moves into Hozier’s soft vocals. This clapping beat stays consistent throughout the majority of the song. 

The chorus of this song is pretty simple, Hozier vocals with some backing vocals and some piano. The main lyrics of the song are “when you move I move” and “so move me baby." These are the main lyrics that drive the entire song and get repeated throughout this track. These lyrics are right drive the entire chorus. There is a slight build at the end of the chorus but drops back down when the next verse starts. 

The whole first half of the song stays pretty simple but after the second chorus the song starts to build. Drums are added into the instrumentation that continue to build throughout the rest of the song. 

The background vocals have the sound and feel of a choir and drive the end of the song along with the drums. The chorus is repeated but does not drop back down, it continues to build. The drums, choir vocals as well as Hozier’s signature vocals all work well together to create a stellar ending of this track. The last minute of this almost four-minute track is what the first 3 minutes of the track had been hinting out. It certainly did not disappoint. 

Even though at times the lyrics seem to be repeating over and over again, the change up in the instrumentation is what makes this great. It does not stay flat; it continues to grow, bringing the lyrics to life. The song moves just like its title “Movement” hints at. 

The song ends with the choral like vocals from the build during the last minute of the song. The song does not fade, the dynamics just drop slightly from the chorus. The vocals stay at the same level throughout the ending and then just cut off. 

Overall this is a fantastic track from Hozier. It is a catchy one that will for sure get stuck in your head. If this what we can expect from Hozier I am excited to see what he is going to release in the future.

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