It’s been three long years since James Bay released his debut album, Chaos and the Calm, which featured singles like “Hold Back the River” and “Let It Go” (not the song from Frozen) and earned his three Grammy nominations in 2016.

James Bay

Last month, the British rocker released the first single off of his upcoming sophomore LP, Electric Light, called “Wild Love.” Fans of Bay were not only surprised by the switch in sounds, but also the switch in style. His first album was stripped-back folk-rock and Bay dawned long hair with black t-shirts and a signature black hat. But with “Wild Love,” Bay showcases a new haircut, flashy clothes, and a more amplified, sultry sound.

This past Saturday (March 10) the 27-year-old brought his new look and sound to Saturday Night Live. He performed a new song, “Pink Lemonade,” as well as “Wild Love.” The new tracks tend to be more in your face than anything he’s released before and performed very well live. “Pink Lemonade” kept the energy of the show up. As soon as the the song started, it actually woke me up from dozing off during a commercial break like I normally do. 

The appearance kicks off Bay’s press run for his album, which drops May 18. He’s also announced the Electric Light Tour which kicks off on Sept. 13 in Atlanta, GA.

Check out Bay’s performance of “Pink Lemonade” here:

Check out Bay’s performance of “Wild Love” here:

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