Cub Sport

On January 18, the band Cub Sport released their self-title album. This is the third album for the Australian band. The album is a total of 15 songs and comes in at 45 minutes long. 

Overall, I feel that this album flows very well and is cohesive throughout. Every song on the album sounds like it belongs on the album. Each song fits the vibe of the song album and makes it easy to listen to the album from start to finish. It is obvious that the band was going for a cohesive and specific sound and style for this album. 

One element of this album I enjoyed was the balance between the more emotional and softer songs and the more upbeat and dancing songs on the album. For example, the album starts with the completely acapella song, “Unwinding Myself” which allows for the listener to completely feel the emotion in the song and be immersed in the song. Then it moves into “Video” which is still has a chill vibe but still has good beat to it, but the third track “Sometimes” builds into the chorus that will have you jamming along. 

Cub Sport does a good of balancing the vocals on the tracks with the instrumentals and electronic effects. None of the tracks feel like the effects or instrumentals are overwhelming or are overpowering the vocals. Everything sounds balanced and carefully done, which I can appreciate. 

Some of my favorite songs on the album are “Sometimes”, “Trees”, “Come Out” and “As Long as You’re Happy”. I just love the sound of these tracks, the lyrics and the overall vibe of these tracks. I definitely see myself coming back to them. 

Several of the tracks like “Come out” and “Party Pill” have personal lyrics and you can feel the emotion behind the tracks in the vocals. 

Overall, I was pleased with this album. Cub Sport put a lot of work into this album and if definitely payed off. It is a cohesive album that has a distinct sound to it. It is an album that you can easily listen to from start to finish. It is album that you can listen to while driving, while working on homework or just relaxing. I definitely recommend that you give this album a listen.

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