The Haunt 10/10

On Sept. 27, The Haunt released their newest single titled, “Cigarettes and Feelings”. This is the follow up release to their song “Why are you so cold?” that was released in August. 

            This track features great back and forth vocals between the brother and sister duo, Maxamillion and Anastasia. They both sound great on this track and complement each other well. The back and forth vocals add dynamics to this track. 

            The track opens with a drum intro then Anastasia and Maxamillion sing the chorus of the track which transitions perfectly into Max singing the first verse. 

            To me, what makes this track stand out is the almost groovy, dancing beat the drums provide for this track. When I listen to this track, I cannot help but sway or dance along to the song. It is a song that I could see being blasted as I dance alone in my room or drive with my windows down. 

            This track has more of a pop-feel to it, which complements the previous release, “Why are you so Cold?” well. It brings more dynamics to The Haunt’s musical library. That is an element that I appreciate about this band. They never create the same song twice, each release has something different to it. 

            The lyrics on this track, in particular the chorus are catchy, and you will be singing along by the end. The lyrics, however, are not the typical happy pop lyrics. The lyrics describe a girl falling in love with a guy who she knows is no good for her. She says, “you are the bullet going through my head” and “I always fall for the things that will hurt me”. She is aware that the guy is  no good, however she cannot stop loving him. 

            What brings this song to life is the music video. The video showcases Anastasia in a love triangle between an alien she has befriended and a handsome new boy she is falling for. The alien becomes jealous and eventually accepts defeat. 

            Everything on this track works well together. The vocals are killer, the drums bring the song to life, the guitar and bass sound great. Everything on this track complement each other perfectly creating another great release from The Haunt. 

            Stream the song on Spotify here and check out the music video here

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