Caroline Rose-Loner

Caroline Rose’s brand-new album Loner, just released this past Friday, Feb. 23, is a must add to your Spring Break playlist! It’s a fun blast of synths, programmed drums, keys, strings, a pedal steel, and guitar work by Rose that rivals that of Duane Eddy. Not sure who Mr. Eddy is? Go watch Forrest Gump again, you can hear “Rebel Rouser” as Forrest outruns a 1951 Ford F-1, or his work can be heard on Dan Auerbach’s most recent album Waiting On A Song. Rose is new and a much-needed change of pace to this listener’s ears, and thanks to our wonderful music director here at WBGU-FM, Michaela Natal, I have another favorite add onto my list. It’s understandable why Ms. Rose may fly under the radar on a label such as New West Records that features artists like Justin Townes Earle, JD McPherson, Nikki Lane, and Ron Gallo, but after picking up Loner on vinyl and giving it a spin, more folks are bound to take notice!

Songs like “Cry”, a groovy tune with noodling guitars and bass, and lyrics that tell the story of an everyday young woman resisting her self-doubts and not cracking under pressure from outside forces, “Money” a straight up rockabilly jam accessing the current situation around us and what everyone in this world needs…money, and “Soul No.5” a fun piece that flips the script on catcalling while playing tribute to TLC (see her music video here: and Lou Bega will all make you want to boogey down!! Believe me, I got caught dancing to the latter in the Education Building stairwell last week!

But Loner has a slow, serious side as well in “Getting To Me”, a song which features a beautiful string arrangement interwoven with more noodling guitars that any person living the single life will love, and my favorite “To Die Today”, with it’s brooding guitar, synths, and lyrics “I’m gonna feel the sound/I’m gonna hear the way the light hits the ground/gonna know what it feels like to drown/my lungs fill up and make like the liquid of a cloud” that speak of a near death experience.

Looking for a great tune to take with you on your Spring Break road trip? Give “Jeannie Becomes A Mom” a listen, it’ll have you grooving down the highway for sure!

Catch Caroline Rose on tour! She has three dates near our area coming up with shows in Columbus, OH March 5 at the Rumba Café, April 12  at the Beachland Ballroom & Tavern in Cleveland, Ohio, and Detroit, Michigan April 19 at the El Club.

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