Julian Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus recently formed the new group named Boygenius and on October 26 they released their self-titled EP. 

The EP is six songs and comes in at around 21 minutes. From the instrumentals to the vocal performances, all three members show off their skills and showcase what Boygenius is and what is to come in the future. 

The opening track is “Bite The Hand” and is beautiful opener. The drums and the guitar work beautifully together with the vocals to create amazing dynamics throughout the song. The repetition of “I can’t love you like you want me to” at the end of the song is one of my favorite moments on the EP. You can truly hear the emotion behind their voices and wraps up the song perfectly. 

The next song is “Me & My Dog”. The guitar into on this song is amazing. The way it builds in dynamics captures the listener for sure. The song gradually builds into the chorus, once it reaches the chorus all three voices sound amazing together and complement each other perfectly. You have to listen closely to catch all the cool instrumental affects going on in the background. Once you hear all the different parts, you will love this track even more. This is definitely one of my favorites on the EP. 

Next up is “Souvenir”. The acoustic guitar is the main instrument used on this track, allowing for the vocals to take center stage. Once again, all three voices sound perfect together but also shine when they each have their own individual vocal moments. Towards the end of the song it builds into a moment where the voices sound almost like a choir then fades out. It sounds beautiful and was a great way to end the song. 

The next track “Stay Down” is my personal favorite track on the EP. The vocals start off soft and full of emotion. Gradually the vocal build in dynamics and with emotion as does the piano. Once the chorus comes in the drums come in full force and the vocals do as well. Then it drops off again into the next part of the song for a second, then it back up even more. The contrast in the dynamics truly add to the emotion and bring the lyrics of the song to life. 

The fifth song on the EP is “Salt In the Wound”. The song starts off slow with heavy electric guitar chords, then it breaks into just vocals with piano. Eventually it combines the guitar, vocals, piano and several other cool instrumental affects and the song just takes off. Towards the end of the song the vocals just soar, and all three voices show off what they can do and sounds amazing. 

The final track of the EP is “Ketchum, ID”. This song is softer with just acoustic guitar and vocals being highlighted on this track. This track truly shows off how beautiful each of their three voices are individually and together. Even though this track is simple, the lyrics are brought to life through the vocal performances of each of the members. This track was a great way to end the EP. 

Boygenius did a fantastic job with this EP and I cannot wait to see what they release in the future because I know they can only go up from here.

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