The college football season is in week six and many of the best teams have started to separate themselves from the rest. Teams like Ohio State and Notre Dame have won some of the most difficult games they had on their schedule while teams like Alabama, Georgia and Clemson still have some of their worst games ahead of them.

The teams going to the playoff have basically already been shown, and there probably won’t be a team to show up out of nowhere during this season. There are way too many teams that are good at the top of the rankings for a surprise to show up.

There are a few teams who will almost assuredly make the playoff. I don’t think there’s any way Alabama doesn’t make it. Other than games against LSU and Auburn left in their season, they’ve got no one that could really challenge them, and LSU is their only real game left. We also saw last season that Alabama has already set a precedent as a team that doesn’t even need to make the championship game to make it to the playoff. Because of this, they’ll need to lose at least two games to not make the playoff.

Another team is Ohio State. Only having games against Michigan State and the University of Michigan to really worry about, they would need to lose games against less talented teams. An away game against Purdue could be a complication, but that’s it. Dwayne Haskins has looked like everything the Buckeyes and their fans were hoping for, and because of that, they could be one of the top contenders at the end of the season.

The last of those teams is Clemson. Clemson has one of the easiest schedules in college football, with only one more game against a ranked opponent: NC State. They are not a great team, but I think if they end their schedule undefeated, there’s no way they don’t make the playoff.  Clemson may be without the quarterback who started the season, but they have Trevor Lawrence who won the job against Kelly Bryant.

That final spot in the playoff will be decided between Georgia, LSU, Notre Dame and Oklahoma. LSU has the most difficult schedule of the four, with games against both Georgia and Alabama left to play. They will definitely decide some of the spots of the playoff with those games. They have looked very good and will win most of the rest of their games, but where their season ends will depend on the final score of the Georgia and Alabama games.

Just like LSU, Georgia has a difficult schedule as well. They play LSU of course, then they’ve also got games against Florida, Kentucky and Auburn. All four of these games happen one after the other, so that is definitely a tough stretch of matches for the Bulldogs. Georgia has a great team this season but isn’t as strong as they were last season. They could slip up in one of those four matches, I think, leaving them open to missing out on the playoff.

In Oklahoma’s case, they have a decently tough schedule remaining, with games against teams like Texas, TCU and West Virginia remaining. Those games are winnable for the Sooners, but they need to look like the better team in each of them, or they might miss out. They need to win the Big 12 title, or there’s no way they can think about making the playoff. Kyler Murray has looked like one of the best players in the sport, and he will definitely lead this team to more wins.

Lastly is Notre Dame. Notre Dame is in a difficult position for getting into the playoff. Without a way of winning a conference championship, they basically need to go undefeated to have any chance of making it to the playoff. There’s a good chance of that happening, with only a couple games left against truly talented teams. Teams like Virginia Tech and Syracuse are the biggest games the Fighting Irish lave left on their schedule. They have a good team as well, and if they can make it to the end of the season without losing, they’ll have a good case for the playoff.

The college football season isn’t even halfway over yet, but the best teams have definitely shown themselves, and it will be interesting to see the rest of the season and which teams separate themselves from the pack.

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