NBA 9/25

For the first time, the National Basketball Association included female basketball players in its video game “NBA 2K20.”

An August Bleacher Report article highlighted the best features for this year’s game, including commentary on the female athletes. Some BGSU students bought the game and are excited about its newest line-up.

Released on Sept. 6, the game includes features that allow gamers to play with Women’s National Basketball Association players and their 12 different league teams. Gamers can play with the WNBA teams in regular season mode against one another. They can also play in multiple pick-up games against other gamers in person or online. 

“You can’t make your own MyPlayer of a female athlete, so they should have added that in. But I like the fact that you can play with a full WNBA team against someone else,” BGSU graduate Mark Clayton said. 

Some say there needs to be female athletes featured on other sports video games in upcoming years. 

“This increases people to be more interested in women’s sports because it is bringing awareness to their talents. Having women featured in the 2K20 game shows they are just as good as the men. Female athletes get to see themselves represented in a popular video game. Other sporting video games should include women athletes in them, especially FIFA,” junior chemistry major Denaja Haygood said. 

The new “NBA 2K20” can change the perspective people might have about female athletes.

“The inclusion of females athletes in the video game 2K inspires and brings awareness to the issues at hand. With gender inequality, it will also help shape the way women sports are viewed,” junior media productions studies major Tierra Jones said. 

Students may become more interested in women’s sports in college and attend more games to support them. 

“This makes me want to start paying more attention to female sports in real life. I want to start watching more women’s basketball,” Clayton said.


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