Football Column 9/24

The BGSU Falcon football team is enduring a rough stretch of games. In the last three, their opponents have scored a total of 149 points and the Falcons have scored a total of 27 points.

The latest loss was at the hands of Kent State 62-20, a team that even former head coach Mike Jinks beat twice in three seasons. Obviously, when a team is dominated this much by three different teams there isn’t just one problem. But there is one problem that sticks out more than the rest — the current quarterback situation.

Throughout those last three games, quarterback Darius Wade, a graduate transfer from Boston College, has thrown for a combined 411 yards, no touchdowns, and three interceptions. That obviously isn’t going to help the passing game, or the rushing game as teams will load the box to stop both Andrew Clair and Davon Jones. Both players, who have shown potential in the running game, just can’t get much going with no real threat of an air attack. 

Who is to blame for this situation, though? It falls on a few different people, but it mainly falls on the shoulders of Jinks. The previous head coach did an awful job at recruiting quarterbacks. We only need to know that the Falcons did not get a quarterback recruit in the class of 2019, and the general dysfunction of the program helped shoo away Jarrett Doege — the starting quarterback from last season who had shown some promise — to see how much Jinks really is responsible for. 

This situation is in no way the fault of Scot Loeffler, because when Loeffler was left with this awful quarterback situation he tried to get athletes like Darius Wade and Matthew McDonald to transfer over from his previous gig at Boston College. Obviously, Loeffler was successful at getting Wade to Bowling Green, but only because Wade had nowhere else to go. Wade thought that his playing career was over, and he was given new life when Loeffler offered for him to come to Bowling Green. 

He was successful at getting McDonald to come, too, which is a more impressive feat considering he is still a redshirt sophomore. With all McDonald’s qualifications, it didn’t come as a surprise that Loeffler said McDonald won the job. But winning the job is only one part of the equation here, as McDonald had another battle going on too.

That battle was with the NCAA — who finally came to a decision a few weeks ago to decline his immediate eligibility waiver; therefore, making him sit out the entire 2019 season while losing a year of eligibility in the process. For this reason, Falcon fans can also rest some of the blame on the NCAA. With McDonald, the Falcons probably wouldn’t be faring too much better than they are now, but at least there would be hope for the future in the position. Plus, McDonald would be getting valuable game experience. But instead McDonald is limited to practice reps and spends his Saturdays sitting on the bench, watching a graduate senior quarterback taking the snaps he was supposed to be getting. 

Overall, there can still be hope for the Falcons in the future. McDonald will more than likely be the starter for next season, and hopefully that will give improvement to this Falcon offense. But there isn’t expected to be much change even then, as Loeffler’s recruits will only be freshman and sophomores, going up against much more experienced foes in the MAC. So think of this Falcons rebuild as very similar to that of the Dolphins in the NFL. There is going to be continued suffering for at least two years, but hopefully all of this suffering will give way to a lot of good in the future.


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