Battle of I-75 10/12

The rivalry between the University of Toledo and BGSU is 100 years old. A century’s worth of games creates hundreds of different Falcon fans who will fill the stands at Saturday’s 100th Battle of I-75. Here are some types of fans you might find at the game:

1. The complacent freshman who doesn’t know they’re supposed to hate Toledo yet

A soft dislike for Toledo lies in the heart of this Falcon fan. They hear the whispers from older students about that school up north, but they had no clue who those students were whispering about. “What school could that be?” the naive freshman would ask themself. 

They turn to the internet and search “bgsu rival.” Wikipedia presents them with the answer they’ve been searching for. The timid freshman decides to redeem their student tickets and sit in the stands for the centennial rivalry game — a battle is what older students had called it. Decked out in their orange and brown, the freshman cheers for the Falcons, but you likely won’t hear them joining the rabid shouts of “TOLEDO SUCKS!” 

2. The alum who bleeds orange and brown and hates UT with their whole soul

This Falcon fan introduces themself to every stranger using their name and graduation year. They have a BGSU logo tattoo. They listen to every football game being called online and have Twitter notifications turned on for game updates — while they are physically at the game.

*Falcon screeches in the distance*

3. The spouse of the UT-hating alum who doesn’t truly understand why they should hate UT so much

They don’t really get it, but they love their spouse as much as their spouse loves the Falcons, so they sit and watch the team in orange and brown get pummeled on the field week after week, year after year.

They’ll jump a bit with fright when their Falcon-loving spouse leaps out of their seat, screaming wildly because the team in orange and brown finally did something right. But, because they love their Falcon fanatic, they’ll clap mildly along with the crowd. 

4. The BG townie who isn’t super invested in Falcon football but likes having something to do on a Saturday afternoon

They, much like our complacent freshman friend, don’t have a whole lot of heart in the “TOLEDO SUCKS!” chants. But, what they make up for in lack of hate for that school up north is a whole lot of love for the town of Bowling Green. 

Catch them waving their BG pride flag high in the Doyt stands while being slightly afraid of the more passionate, Toledo-hating students. 

5. The BGSU student who is a fan of UT 

They probably voted for Toledo in every Twitter poll asking who would win the Battle of I-75. 

This person just sucks.

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