motes tweet - Via Presley Motes on Twitter

Motes's video of the reveal has garnered over 16 thousand views, and counting, on Twitter.

Football games at Bowling Green aren't happening, but practices still are, and that means we still get moments like the one Presley Motes, his wife Danica, and the rest of the BGSU football team were able to give us yesterday.

While at practice, Motes, a redshirt senior tight end for the Falcons, and his wife Danica, decided to reveal the gender of their baby by Presley receiving a pass from Danica, then spiking the football into the ground to reveal that they would be having a boy. Motes would then be surrounded by his excited teammates.

motes gif - Via Presley Motes on Twitter

The moment Motes spikes the ball to the ground.

“It was something I’ll never forget, my wife and I loved that moment,” Motes said.

The video of the reveal was posted on Motes’s Twitter account and currently has over 16 thousand views. Motes, who has been married to his wife for a little over three years, says the team has always been supportive. 

“It is obviously a little bit different but I think my teammates are awesome about it. I mean they have been nothing but respectful and excited for me about having a baby and ever since being married, I mean most of my college career I have been married, my wife and I have been married for a little over three years now, all of my teammates that I have ever had have been supportive of it and they’ve been great about it and nothing has been different about it here at BG,” he said.

While being married, being on a college football team, going to college classes, and now being a father might seem odd to some for a young college athlete, Motes can’t imagine it being any different. 

“I would think that it is totally normal to be married and on a football team with how great of an experience it has been,” he said.

Catching passes from his wife isn’t all out of the ordinary either. Danica comes from an athletic background herself as she played Division I volleyball, and would often throw passes to her husband in the offseason, a skill that Presley says transfers over well. This only added to the meaningfulness of the reveal in front of his team. 

“It’s just a little symbolic of all the work she has put in helping me and you know just to be able to share that moment with the team was really special, you know all the guys were really excited to find out exactly what we were having and it was just awesome to be able to share that moment with them,” Motes said. 

As for what happens when the baby is born, Motes notes that he doesn’t have a lot of experience being a father, but knows his parents brought him up just fine. 

“I am going to try to emulate what my dad did with me and you know what my parents did and I think they did a great job raising me and I am very grateful for their example because that’s how I’m going to try and approach it, I’m going to try to do my best to be a great father,” Motes said.

Moments like these can serve as reminders about why sports and being on a team can be so great, even when the games aren’t allowed to be played.  

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