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Hey Reporters,
Here’s some guidelines to make your stories the best they can be before being submitted to a copy editor! Before you turn in your story please go through this check sheet:
• MEET YOUR DEADLINE - Communicate with an editor about extensions AS SOON AS YOU CAN. Don’t wait until the last minute to start writing a story.
• Does your story have two sources, AND USE THEIR FIRST AND LAST NAMES?
• Include print headline, web headline, 5 SEO tags/keywords and two pull quotes.
• Is your lead sentence a question? Most of the time this won’t be acceptable, ask an editor about it or reword the sentence.
• Did you use ______ said. NOT said______?
• Quoted students? Their year and major must be included in the story in some way.
• When referring to BGSU, do not spell it out on first reference. Use BGSU or “the university” on subsequent references.
• Doing a speech story? Introduce the speaker BEFORE you quote them.
• Remove the word “that” from your writing. Often times it’s not necessary. Also check for pronoun errors.
• Actually spend time learning correct grammar. Don’t be lazy.
• Did you check your AP Stylebook on capitalization, punctuation and any other questions?
• Did you double check all name spellings and titles on the BGSU directory?
• Is the story 400-600 words?
• Does each quote start as a new paragraph?
• Did you take your own photos? Try to get any alt-format content? ALWAYS try to take your own photos.

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