Climate Change

The next President Joe Biden looks to establish climate change policies in the US during his time.

Environmentalists and progressives for climate change reform can now take a sigh of relief as Joe Biden becomes the next president of the United States this coming January.

According to his climate change plan, Biden hopes to equalize the nation’s emissions by 2050 by having a 100% clean energy economy. He also hopes to invest in infrastructure plans that will not impose further harm on the environment.

His impressive background dealing with climate change makes him a strong qualifier to tackle this crisis too.

According to his website, as vice president for the Obama administration he “oversaw the Recovery Act, the largest single investment in clean energy in U.S. history . . . and has placed historic limits on carbon pollution, doubled fuel economy standards for cars and trucks, . . .  and rallied the world to achieve the groundbreaking Paris Climate Accords.”

However, despite his qualifications and ambition for a greener nation, the damage caused by Trump’s intrusion on climate change regulations and policies could cause progress to be stagnant for a while. 

According to an article published by The New York Times, Trump has successfully rollbacked 72 policies, which were put in place to regulate and lower greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution, harmful toxins and more.

Trump has argued that such regulations impede the creation of jobs and the overall improvement of the economy.

By overturning these regulations, progress on Obama’s goal of lowering emissions by 28% by 2050 has come to a complete standstill.

“Right now, we’re about halfway to the Obama-era goal and not on track to meet it. So, while emissions probably won’t rise, they also won’t fall fast enough to avert the worst effects of climate change,” according to Lisa Friedman, a climate change journalist for The New York Times.

In addition, Trump led the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement this past Wednesday.

This global commitment between 195 countries serves as a pledge to mitigate the blow of global warming by reducing emissions and pursuing environmentally-conscious decisions.

While the U.S. is not currently a part of the agreement anymore, Biden hopes to rejoin the pact his first day in office.

He also plans on combating Trump’s rollbacks by bringing strict environmental regulations back into legislation and putting funding toward clean energy and research on global warming.

Although Biden’s work to revive these standards could take years to be reimplemented and passed into law, progress on climate change reform is finally on its way in the right direction.

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