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PETA, or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is back in the news, and again, people are asking if they take things too far. This time they “barbecued” a fake but realistic-looking dog to prove a point about how people wouldn’t eat dogs, so why would they eat cows or something like that. And again, PETA is more interested in shocking people than trying to make actual change. They have so many offensive ads and campaigns that there’s an entire listicle about it on a website called “PETA kills animals” full of evidence on how PETA does, in fact, kill animals. Here are five more reasons why you shouldn’t support PETA, even though you shouldn’t need them because they kill animals.

  1. They don’t care about actual sustainability.

The choice to stop eating meat is truly more sustainable and will lower your carbon footprint by as much as half. It is truly better for the environment to go vegetarian or vegan, but PETA doesn’t usually appeal to that when they try to convince others to give up eating meat. Instead they focus on trying to make people feel bad for eating meat in such ridiculous ways it usually doesn’t work.

  1. They give bad ‘evidence’ for veganism.

One of the major things they point to is the Bible and how God doesn’t want people eating meat. This isn’t a very good argument in my opinion. They exaggerate the negative impact eating too much meat can cause, and they refuse to acknowledge that meat is cheaper and not everyone can afford to go completely vegan.

  1. They don’t understand animals in general.

Not that long ago they released an ad saying a lamb was killed for its wool. Sheep are not killed for wool, and they have been bred so that they need to be sheared, so their fur doesn’t become overgrown. They have gotten into fights with scientists about animal research and even sent death threats to a woman who was studying birds to save them. PETA is not a group whose morals are based on facts.

  1. They don’t believe in owning pets.

One of their worst offenses is that PETA doesn’t believe in owning pets. In fact, members have went into yards and stolen pets before, only for them to be euthanized. While they are right in the fact that dogs and cats didn’t always behave this way, and that there is an overpopulation crisis, pets are a part of life and a good one at that. If they truly cared about the health and safety of animals they would advocate and provide money for “fixing” dogs and cats so that they don’t continue breeding. Or they could advocate against the breeding of cats and dogs with flat faces, because they start to have more health and breathing problems. The hardline stance PETA has that pets are bad is not actually the reality, and they could be doing so much more for animals.

  1. They don’t care about actually behaving ethically towards animals.

If they truly cared about the world and the animals that live in it, they would change their practices to be more educational and fact-based. They would do real work to ensure that the breeding of pets with health problems, like flat-faces, would end. They would encourage people to give up meat and give cheap, better alternatives. But instead they create controversy, shock and general dislike from the public. Put your money, time and attention in a better place like the Humane Society or groups that rescue dogs.

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