I think I speak for us all when I say social interaction — whether that be significant others or friends — hasn’t been the easiest with everything going on in our world. Everyone wants to stay as safe as they can, but also get to know and meet new people. Because of this, I think it’s important to have a couple of places where you can have safe and socially distanced — but still fun — hangouts with friends or dates.

Stargazing at the Wolfe Center

wolfe - Photo by Jonathan Rieke via Flickr

One of my favorite places for dates in Bowling Green is actually on campus. On top of the Wolfe Center building is a big, grass hill that continues down the back of it, and it’s perfect for stargazing. Grab your date, or a friend, a big blanket, some snacks and some music and you can have the most romantic date of your life. You can hang out with and get to know your significant other, all while watching the stars.

Lola’s Frozen Yogurt

frozen yogurt - Photo by 橘子&rain via Flickr

Another place for a fun date would be Lola’s Frozen Yogurt. Everyone loves fro-yo, and Lola’s has some of the best. It has all kinds of flavors and loads of toppings — as well as bubble tea. The place is really cute on the inside, and has an even more adorable seating area outside to sit where you can socially distance yourself from others while enjoying your fro-yo and your date.

Flatlands Coffee & Finder’s Records

finders - Photo by Donny Roys via Flickr

Another one of my personal favorite places for dates is Flatlands Coffee and Finder’s Records. Coffee dates are classic, and Flatlands is the perfect place for it. The inside has such a calming, minimalist aesthetic and the coffee is some of the best I’ve ever had. You and your date can grab coffee, sit and talk and then make your way to Finder’s Records. Finder’s is just two stores over, and is the coolest little record shop you’ll ever see. Your date and you can browse around and maybe even find some new music to listen to together.

Library Study Date

jerome - Photo by Joe Schumacher via Flickr

Because a lot of us are stressed out college students, I feel like a study date would be a “two birds, one stone” way to use your time. The Jerome Library on campus is huge and has so many places to study at. You and your date can be socially distanced from everyone and be able to talk and get to know each other. You can bond by helping each other with your homework and take pride in knowing that not only are you on a date having fun, but you’re also being productive with your school work.

Chinese Takeout & a Movie

chinese takeout - Photo by Gabriel Saldana via Flickr

Chinese takeout and a movie is another classic date idea, and for good reason. You and your date can stop by the Bowen-Thompson Student Union to get Panda Express — or whatever food you’d like — and socially distance by taking it home instead of eating it there. Then you can talk more at home and get to know each other while eating. To end the night, you can find a good movie to watch, and cuddle up with your significant other.

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