usg report 9/1 - Graphic by Hallie Riley

The Undergraduate Student Government spoke with President Rodney Rogers about the future goals and programs of Bowling Green State University at Nov. 1’s general assembly.

President Rogers said BGSU is looking to redefine student success through building new education programs within the nursing, mechanics, robotics and engineering departments.

“Those are all very strategic to make sure that we have an array of programs that are meeting the needs of our students to meet the needs of society,” he said.

Rogers also mentioned that a life design class is slowly being put in place for the first and second-year students in hopes to help them prepare for their futures.

“We have design coaches that are working with first and second-year students that opt into that program to provide them with additional support and to empower them to design their collegiate experience. Ultimately, to design their life,” he said.

In upcoming projects, Roger spoke highly of the upcoming demolition of the Administration building. The noisiest portion of the work will be starting after exams so it doesn’t distract students from their studies, according to Rogers.

According to a BGSU press release, the demolition will begin on Nov. 8.

“As we reconnect it, we are sending the signal that this institution is relevant and connected. We want to make sure that we are connected to the world around us and that we are making a difference. We are a public university driving public good,” he said.

The whole project is expected to be done by fall 2022. Other projects include: renovations in the Mathematical Sciences Building, Central Hall, Technology Building and additions to the Architecture Department building.

USG also brought up S.R. 07 to talk about advocating for accessible and affordable breast cancer screenings.

Director of Minority Coalition Chloe Cox said the resolution is important because “a lot of people don't even have health insurance at our age, so including it is something that can help them and possibly get them good help before they are in the third stage of breast cancer and they’re closer to passing away.”

This resolution allows BGSU to be safe and supportive to those battling breast cancer while also providing resources like early detection mammograms.

Three new officers were sworn in:

  • Reese Shull; Senator At Large

  • Nathaniel Suprun; Senator At Large

  • Emily Gerome; Senator At Large

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