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BGSU English professor Stephannie Gearhart asks the question of how plays like Shakespeare reveal one’s hopes, fears and beliefs. She now oversees the planning board for the Ohio Valley Shakespeare Conference. Read more


USG spoke with Tiffany Menard about scholarship opportunities for BGSU students nationally. Marcus Goolsby also brought to attention the Reimaging Rural Regions project being hosted by the Center of Regional Development.  Read more

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Students across the nation are returning to campus for the fall semester, according to The Washington Post. Flash forward a year later, with a year of school already completed, many BGSU second-year students are seemingly forgotten as they now adjust to university life. Read more

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If you’re similar to most students on campus and are looking for ways to keep a steady income while also being able to stay focused on studies, finding a job on campus is a good avenue to venture down. Read more

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BGSU associate professor Timothy Davis was indicted by the Lucas County Common Pleas Court last month for three counts of first-degree rape of a minor. Read more