PIKE Charges - Photo by Brionna Scebbi

PIKE faces six conduct charges, including four hazing offenses.

BGSU is charging Pi Kappa Alpha with six violations of the Code of Student Conduct following the death of BGSU sophomore Stone Foltz. A final verdict on the charges will be made by April 13, according to an announcement from President Rodney Rogers.

As listed in the statement, the six charges are:

  • Offenses Against Persons – 4 charges of hazing, Harm to Others

  • Offenses Disrupting Order or Disregarding Health and Safety – Organization Alcohol

“We continue to work with local law enforcement, who are actively leading their own investigation into this serious situation,” Rogers wrote.

Rogers said investigations of individual students are still ongoing. In addition, the new member processes of BGSU’s Interfraternity Council are adjourned to fall 2021 following executive action from the board. New member processes remain suspended among BGSU’s other three Greek councils.

Rogers also announced a working group which will focus on anti-hazing efforts at BGSU. The group will be co-chaired by Associate Dean Chris Bullins and utilize input from Dyad Strategies, a consulting firm focused on university affairs.

“We have finalized a partnership with Dyad Strategies to conduct a broader view of fraternity and sorority life and other student organizations and activities,” Rogers wrote.

These actions follow the death of Foltz after a hazing incident at an off-campus PIKE event on March 4. The incident was first announced by the university March 5, and Foltz died March 7.

UPDATE: BGSU student Stone Foltz dies after reported hazing, family donates organs

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