A small hole in the parking lot behind Kohl Hall formed Monday afternoon, exposing the underground tunnel of steam pipes that supply the building with heat and water.

The Kohl hole did not present an immediate danger, Campus Operations Associate Director of Engineering Mark Hester said.

Metal sheets have since been placed over the area, and the entrance has been blocked off with barriers and dumpsters.

The concrete caved from wear and tear.

Tunnels housing pipes are located all over campus. The tunnels are in various stages of degradation, due to heavy vehicles driving over them, snow-melting salt, moisture in the concrete, the heat from the pipes and natural erosion.

Hester said this is a problem with every tunnel on campus.

“Every tunnel we have on campus is always degrading,” so they prioritize repairing the ones in the worst shape, Hester said.

The steam pipes originate from the heating plant at 506 Pike St.

Falcon Media reached out to Associate Director of Energy Management Erin Keegan for a comment. He declined to provide any updates.

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