A River Runs Through It’ (1992)

This ‘90s classic is based on a true story written by Norman Maclean and directed by Robert Redford. It depicts the life of two brothers in the early 1920s in rural Montana, Norman (Craig Sheffer) and Paul (Brad Pitt). The film starts out with the early life of the boys learning how to fly fish on the Big Black Foot River with their minister father (Tom Skerritt). Here is where the character development of the two brothers really begins with mischief, fly fishing and God. Becoming teenagers, Paul shows his rebellious side while Norman is more of a wingman to his little brother, all while keeping a close eye on him. Younger brother Paul stayed home for his education and is a reporter in Helena, after several years of college on the East Coast, Norman comes home to see his town has changed in his absence. The night life of illegal gambling saloons and frequent nights in jail are taking a toll on Paul, Norman realizes his brother needs him in every way. Fly fishing seems to be the only thing keeping the family bond together. “A River Runs Through It” is available on Hulu or Prime Video. 


Safe Haven’ (2010)

Trigger Warning: Domestic Violence/Stalking

In this Nicholas Sparks hit, a mysterious young woman named Katie shows up in the North Carolina coastal town of Southport. Katie’s sudden presence has locals talking about what her past could entail. Keeping her social encounters short in town, she befriends her neighbor Jo and slowly forms a friendship with local store owner, Alex. Jo becomes the person Katie can rely on, while slowly getting closer to romance with Alex. Katie begins to settle into small town life while becoming attached to Alex and his family but seems to always be looking over her shoulder. Katie’s dark past seems to be the only thing holding her back from love with Alex. Katie soon realizes that she must choose to either face her fears and plant her roots or stay on the run. Her past sent her on the cross country journey to her current destination but can love be enough to save her? 

TV Show

Sons of Anarchy’ (2008-2014)

In this FX smash hit, Jackson “Jax” Teller (Charlie Hunnam) is the wonder boy, vice president of the California motorcycle club of Sons of Anarchy.  This series dives into government corruption, racism, violence, love, all as an analogy of human development. 

This action packed show gives the viewers a real life glimpse of a club member, all while following the life of Jax as he juggles his responsibilities to the club, love and fatherhood.  With internal feuds with his stepfather, who is also the president of the club, Jax wonders if there is a bigger purpose to his life as a member of the club. As tensions with rival gangs rise throughout the show, Jax has to prove his leadership all while showing the viewer how love for his family and his club is true motivation. After finding his real father’s memoirs, who was a former president of the club, Jax goes on an emotional journey throughout the show trying to figure out the path of the future of the club. Jax begins to question his life, love, loyalty and relationships in his life. Brotherhood, betrayal and blood are the three perfect words to describe this explosive hit! Available on Hulu. 


Circles’ by Mac Miller (2020)

The album, ‘Circles’ embodies the evolution of Mac Miller and his music. Miller started his music career with spunky, funny rap, this album has that along with his emotional vibe all in one. With the wild visuals to go along with the original sound, Mac Miller’s first album since his death with nothing short of an exclamation point to his short life. From subtle songs like “Circles,” to emotional, revealing songs such as “Once a Day,” Miller gives his listeners a variety of spunky lyrics to emotional verbage to embody his later years of life. I have been a fan of Mac Miller and his music since he began in the early 2010s, this album is the culmination of his evolution as an artist. My personal favorites from the album are, “Woods” and “Once a Day.” Each of these songs show a different style of the artist, Miller shows his rap skills in “Woods,” and his emotional hurting side in “Once a Day.” The whole album is a chill experience rather than some of his earlier work which has more of a true rap feel. I highly recommend this album and anything Mac Miller. Most dope forever! Available on all music streaming services.

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