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Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021) 

Even non-Marvel fans are aware of the immense hype built up for this iconic addition to the Spiderman universe. It surely does not disappoint with its blast from the past cast and new character renditions including Tom Holland and Zendaya. “Spider-Man: No Way Home” is playing in theatres near you, so I will not be providing any spoilers. I do, however, encourage even the pickiest of movie watchers to experience this genre-bending masterpiece. 


The Handmaid’s Tale (1985) by Margaret Atwood

The reader follows the journey of June Osborne, played by Elizabeth Moss from critically acclaimed TV series “Mad Men,” in the aftermath of a fictionalized second American Civil War. The country begins to unravel as women lose more and more rights. First, it's their property, then, their jobs and eventually their own bodies. June is marked as one of the only fertile women left and is therefore is forced into sexual servitude as a Handmaid to the childless couple, the Waterfords. This couple is important as the husband is the commander of this new America by the name of Gilead. June is ordered by the Aunts, female enforcers and teachers for the new handmaids, to provide the couple with a baby, and then move onto the next couple.

June begins a treacherous journey as she attempts to escape the prison around her while being aided by Marthas (cooks, maids, and nannies) and Jezebels (women forced into prostitution). She fights to get back to her two daughters and husband in Canada while overthrowing the Gilead government to rescue others. This thought-provoking and empowering read by Margaret Atwood can be found in most stores and even has a show following the same story by creator Bruce Miller on Hulu. 


Mare of Easttown (2021) 

If anyone is interested in a realistic crime drama, then this is the show to binge-watch. Mare Sheehan, played by Kate Winslet, is a detective trying to solve a small-town murder in her neighborhood. Mare’s abilities have been doubted as a missing daughter from over a year ago has yet to be located, so an accomplished detective named Colin Zabel, played by “American Horror Story” regular Evan Peters, is brought in to assist with both cases.

Mare’s own limits are pushed to the max as she deals with a custody battle involving her drug-addicted daughter-in-law’s son, the stagnant healing over the suicide of her son, and the town’s pressure to solve a kidnapping and murder that the people of Easttown are desperate for answers to. This edge-of-your-seat thriller is available on HBOMax in 7 captivating episodes.


BTR (2010) by Big Time Rush

If you’re not familiar with Big Time Rush, then you had to have been living under a rock. This heartthrob boy band entered the scene of Nickelodeon with their debut album “Big Time Rush” and took teen girls’ hearts by storm. Their feel-good songs were used in the soundtrack for their popular show, which happens to be the same name, so many of these love ballads will be nostalgic. “Count on you,” “Worldwide,” “Halfway There” and “Big Time Rush” are some of their most popular tunes that will bring you right back to when you watched the show after a day of elementary school. The 11 symphonies make for a good pick-me-up after a boring day of college and work.

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