Rolling Stone magazine is coming out with a cover of Kanye West mocking Jesus. West is shown with thorns atop his head and blood dripping down his face with the headline reading the "Passion of Kanye West."

This portrayal of West as Jesus is shocking and offensive to me and all Christians. This isn't much of a surprise coming from a liberal magazine that seems to throw morals and family values out the window.

Tim Wildmon, who's president of the American Family Association, said, "Of course, that doesn't surprise me too much for Rolling Stone. To them, using Kanye West as Jesus in this way would probably be no different than using him as any other icon. This is an issue of corporate responsibility."

This cover is sacrilegious and an insult to all Christians because it mocks our savior. What Kanye West is doing is wrong and Christians shouldn't let this slide.

Charnaine Yoest, vice president of the Family Research Council, said, "The real story is Rolling Stone mocking millions of Christians in this country and worldwide who believe in Jesus Christ. Let's just imagine they did this with Mohammed or one of the world's other major religions.

"There would be a huge outcry, but not with Christianity. They think they can attack Christianity with impunity."

Many other Christian are speaking out that Rolling Stone would go so far as to mocking one of the most famous figures in Christianity.

Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, said, "At first glance, it appears that both Kanye West and Rolling Stone are equally culpable of misappropriating Catholic iconography. But on closer inspection, it looks like Rolling Stone deserves the lion's share of the blame."

This isn't the first time that Rolling Stone posed someone as Jesus. A couple years ago Howard Stern posed in the same way Kanye West did for Rolling Stone but it was rejected as being too offensive.

How can a picture like that be offensive in the '90s but its all of a sudden OK to do it now? This is nothing but a way to get Kanye West back in the media for doing something shocking, like what he said about George Bush not caring about black people at a Hurricane Katrina telethon.

This also happens to come out a week before the Grammy's, for which he's been nominated for eight awards. In my opinion, this is nothing but a publicity stunt to get people to buy more of his records because of the shocking things he does.

I also believe this is another way to get people to actually watch the Grammy's since they have been receiving low ratings - like many other awards shows. I know Rolling Stone is going to have high sales because of this controversy and I think they should be ashamed to try to make money on mocking a Christian figure.

They know this is very insulting, but why would Rolling Stone care if they know they're going to make huge sales from this? The actual Kanye West article is nothing but him going off on tangents like talking about how he got addicted to pornography and his comments about what he said at the telethon.

He is also posing as Mohammed Ali in another picture which goes to show how big his ego is. He even comments in the article about how great he is. I don't see this greatness from him. All I see is another celebrity just trying to be shocking and political and thinking this will make them more money.

This is just another attack on Christians by liberals, similar to the Christmas issue regarding "Merry Christmas" versus "Happy Holidays." This is also just another celebrity doing something offensive; this time, as in many other occasions, it happens to be aimed at Christians.

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