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Example of a studio where broadcast journalism students could work.

What is broadcast journalism?

Broadcast Journalism can be a very interesting major. According to, broadcast journalism is news being reported to the public electronically or by radio. This lets a wide variety of people know what's going on around the world. This also explains why many people tend to watch news stations.

Bachelor degree in Broadcast journalism

A bachelor's degree already prepares many students for most careers. A degree in broadcast journalism, however, would help prepare students for the different types of news they will eventually present to the world. There are three main different fields that run under broadcast journalism. According, those categories are news, production, and technical operations. These categories help develop and spread news in all kinds of ways. 

Jobs you can get with this major

  • Radio or television announcer: An announcer that broadcasts news over the radio or television. 

      —  News reporter: Someone who broadcasts news to the world or a widely large population.

        News analyst: analyzes broadcast news received from different kinds of sources.

How much money is made?

  • Radio or television, says the salary for a radio/television announcer is $34,906.

  • News reporter: This job mankes $39,749 which is a decent amount of money that is made on an average salary bases. 

  • News analyst:According, the average salary for a new analyst is $59,322.

Hopefully, this is enough information to at least get you to think about choosing Broadcast Journalism as a major and hopefully you can apply some of this information in the future.  


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