Halloween Safety

Hello, ghouls and monsters. Spooky season is upon us. Halloween is approaching soon and this can be such a fun time. This can also be a very dangerous time, especially in a college atmosphere. Here are some tips on how to have a safe but fun Halloween this year.

1. Go with a group and leave with the same group

If your squad is planning on going out for Halloween, try to remain as a unit throughout the festivities. Always use the buddy system when you are out. If one of the members in your group needs to pee, someone better go with them. If it is possible you can designate a meeting spot at every place you go to.

2. Eat and hydrate properly

Halloween is all about having fun and getting candy. But college students have their fun through drinking. When drinking, it is best to go out on a full stomach. This will help alleviate blood alcohol level spikes when you start drinking. And this can minimize hangover symptoms the following morning.

3. Listen to your body and know your limits

When your tolerance level reaches its breaking point, try to switch up your drinking to a non-alcoholic beverage. It is best to go at a slow pace. When going over the edge, judgement is impaired, and there can be extreme physical discomfort the day of and the next day.

4. Don’t walk by yourself in the dark

Walking alone can be scary. But walking alone in the dark is even worse. This is a time where people can be taken advantage of and get into trouble. If you can’t find a way to have someone walk home with you, there is always Uber and campus security. The University’s campus security can be reached at 419-372-2346.

5. If you are uncomfortable, get out of the situation

If there is any point where you feel uncomfortable or suspect a dangerous situation, listen to your instincts. Tell someone you trust how you are feeling and try to leave this situation. If you need to make an excuse on why you left, that’s okay.

6. Avoid vision impairing costumes

Did you know that wearing Halloween masks is considered illegal in several states? I sure didn’t. This could be for a very good reason. Masks can obscure vision when alcohol can already have this effect on a person.

7. Make sure your phone is charged and location is on

iPhones have this amazing feature called “find my friends.” This is an app where you can follow people’s exact location. Snapchat also has the feature of SnapMap where location can be seen from other people when your location is turned on. Making sure your phone

is fully charged is important, so you have a way to connect virtually if anything happens. This can also get you a way home.

Halloween is a spooky fun time, but it is important to look out for yourself then before looking out for the people around you.


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