Meredith Siegel

This winter, break we have way more time than usual between semesters. Most people will fill that time with work, some will take classes and some both. But, we should try to fill that extra time with something different than what we do during the semester. Use your time wisely, and do some things you actually want to do. Here are a few suggestions:


1. Learn a new skill.

Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn but never actually took the initiative to do it? Now you can! Try to learn to play a new instrument, learn to sew, learn to cook, whatever! Maybe this even means learning how to do your own laundry. Whatever it is, enrich yourself with a new skill.


2. Cross an item off your bucket list.

Like learning a new skill, doing something you’ve always wanted to do in general can be daunting just because we’re so busy all the time. But I think you should take some of winter break to cross some items off your list, whether they be something wild like skydiving or simple like cooking something new.


3. Travel to a new place.

Winter break is also a time you can travel and expand your horizons. You don’t have to fly to Europe, but that would be very cool. You can just take a day trip to Ann Arbor, Columbus or Cincinnati. Make time to get away from home and see something cool somewhere else.


4. Volunteer for a worthy cause.

We have, like, a lot of time over the break. I’m sure there are places you could volunteer for the several weeks we have off. Try out your local dog shelter, food banks or something closer to what you’re interested in. It’s the season of giving, so give your time to an organization that’s doing good in the world. I promise this is much more fulfilling than the retail job you have.


5. Binge watch TV.

While it’s important to use your time wisely, sometimes using your time wisely includes watching something for a few hours. I love getting into a new show, and it’s definitely worth it to relax for a while. Ask your friends for recommendations so you can watch them together or discuss while you watch.


6. Sleep as much as you want.

I know this is what everyone is looking forward to doing over the break. But don’t feel like you have to do so much stuff that you’re not sleeping as much as you want. As busy people, we usually don’t get to sleep in as much as we want to. Take a few days and really sleep in this break.

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