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The Undergraduate Student Government is immensely proud of the decision to vote down the plus/minus grade proposal at the Faculty Senate meeting on Nov. 5. 

A USG senator presented at the meeting to provide the definitive and unambiguous student voice regarding the plus/minus policy. The decision faculty senators made to side with the student voice was a tremendous win for shared governance between USG and the Faculty Senate. 

USG has been working at addressing this policy for two years now, and it is finally concluded. The student body will rejoice knowing the BGSU faculty and staff heard their concerns and voted for the benefit of nearly all of our fellow falcons.

Additionally, the core beliefs of BGSU were upheld in today's vote, including our “Stand Out” tagline. We stand out from our fellow universities and made student and faculty feedback the top priority. 

The Wall Street Journal reported in a 2019 study that BGSU was the No. 1 university in Ohio for student satisfaction, and this vote was a massive indicator as to why. BGSU cares about their student community and are always looking for ways to further engage and encourage us. We hope to challenge our fellow institutions to redefine their own student success and find ways to engage their student community without hurting their GPA or adding to their stressful daily lives.

The plus/minus policy was opposed by a vast majority of students, and we have worked to ensure that was well known to all faculty senators. Hopefully more policies will gather important widespread student feedback before they reach the final stages, so important issues can be addressed long before the policy is up for a vote. USG is encouraged by the work done by all members of the BGSU community and would like to thank them for their help in addressing the plus/minus policy in a definitive and final way.

Alexander Chiarelott is a USG senator and spoke in opposition of the plus/minus policy during the Faculty Senate meeting where the policy was considered.

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