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  • Victoria Scanlon | Guest Columnist
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I’ve been seriously missing road trips because the winter weather can really make a long trip dangerous. Luckily, it’s just at the cusp of the season to do so. There are a lot of us who want to travel but feel as if we can’t or just don’t understand how to prepare for long drives. This guide… Read more

  • Heidi Larson | Columnist
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The time change needs to get with the times. Why do we think daylight saving time is a good idea? Let’s all be extra sleep deprived as a society. Let’s all go out driving drowsy and see what happens. Let’s mess up the routines of our kids and our pets because we’re saving time. Oh wait, what… Read more

  • Shiva Bhusal | Columnist
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If you have browsed Richard Stallman’s personal webpage or have watched some of his lectures, you will know Stallman doesn’t use Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Eventbrite, Snapchat, Amazon, Microsoft Windows, Skype and many other software platforms. The founder of the Free Software Foundation cla… Read more

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