Chocolate chip cookies.

They seem simple enough, but to me they represent one of life’s great lessons. There is more to something than what meets the eye.

How did I learn this from a cookie?

Well, because of the chocolate chips, of course.

One time when I was a kid, I was inspecting chocolate chip cookies my mom had baked to see which one had the most chocolate chips.

I always seemed to pick the wrong ones! And then, my mom told me that sometimes, you should look at the bottom of the cookie, to see the chips under the surface.

You won’t know how many chips a cookie has unless you look on the top and the bottom, or of course, unless you bite into it.

I began to look more closely at cookies, and eventually just ate them no matter how many chips were in them.

But it wasn’t until I was much older that I realized this cookie lesson could apply to much more than cookies, it could apply to people, books, movies and much more.

To truly know someone, you have to look further than their clothes or hair or skin color, you have to look inside.

You have to get to know someone to see how many chips they have.

To really understand a book, you have to read it, not just study the cover or pick it out because it has pretty text or a thin binding.

And to really know what a movie is about and what the message is, you have to watch it, not just read the description on the back or see if your favorite actor is in it.

Don’t just judge something by what it looks like, work harder to get to know what it’s like on a deeper level, on the inside.

It may seem weird that a cookie taught me this lesson, but I think it’s a valuable one and I urge you to remember to look deeper.

Trying to be less judgmental is something I think we all struggle with, so just use a cookie as your reminder to be less judgmental right away, I know I do.

Every time you see a cookie remember that it may be more than what it appears, just like people.

So, talk to a person before you determine that you know everything about them. Read a book before you turn it down immediately and watch movies based on more than the actors.

And, most importantly, don’t judge a cookie by the chocolate chips.

Bite in.

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