Summer vacation is a time for relaxation and extra time to spare on social media. Here are a few GIFs to describe the summer of a college student!

Final exams are a stressful time for every college student, so leaving your last class can feel something like this:

Summer gifs (1) 7/31

Coming home to a Netflix full of TV shows and movies you’ve been putting off probably feels like this:

Summer gifs (2) 7/31

Coming home to your hometown to see your old friends can put a smile on your face,

Summer GIFS (3) 7/31

and a day on the beach can make you feel like this dog,

Summer GIFS (4) 7/31

Until you feel like this:

Summer GIFS (5) 7/31

Or even worse, like this:

Summer GIFS (6) 7/31

Eventually the novelty of the summer dies down and you end up just working a lot, yet it never is enough to combat student loans or your growing Marshall’s wardrobe.

Summer GIFS (7) 7/31

And working makes you want to sleep. A lot.

Summer GIFS (8) 7/31

Boredom might set in, and you might get the insane urge to read for fun.

Summer GIFS (9) 7/31

Your parents may even think something is wrong,

Summer GIFS (10) 7/31

but it’s just because your friends are vacationing on the beach, which leaves you missing your new friends from college. 

Summer GIFS (11) 7/31

Counting down the days until move-in day can feel like this:

Summer GIFS (12) 7/31

But eventually, the day comes when you are finally reunited, and the routine of school begins all over again.

Summer GIFS (13) 7/31

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