So, you are exploring starting a business or working from home. Let me ask you this: Are you ready for the blood, sweat and tears required?

Just kidding. However, it still takes a load of motivation and time.

Businesses do not just pop into thin air. It is never likely to just pick a name, logo, location and apply for a small business loan and expect everything to soar in the first few months - or even the first year. It takes many, many hours of hard work, learning and marketing to build the necessary reputation for self-employment. This form of a career is perfect for any creative entrepreneur/student looking to work for themselves.

There are obviously many other steps to take, but that depends on what avenue you are jumping into. These basic start-up ideas can provide you with inspiration.

Writing/Blogging: Your site will contain any article/blog written by you, for your business or other companies, as well as your recipes, videos, services available, the products available for purchase and any contact info. This is the personality of your company in an online forum, sharing anything you have to offer in one place and presenting it in an inviting fashion.

Direct Sales: This is any products you may bulk buy and sell, hand-make yourself or sell for someone else. Sales are a great option because you can make money with products in different ways - some including online, in person, at festivals, on sales sites or just garage sales.

Marketing/Affiliate Income: This includes any companies you will become an affiliate for. It consists of adding links and ad placements on social media/blog posts to make a revenue for the impressions received. You also make money for clicks on the link, and any purchases made after the link is clicked! This is an awesome way to make passive income if you are outputting a lot of content and reaching enough people every day.

Offering a Service: This is for the businesses such as photographers, cleaners, tutors, coaches, healthcare, grocery delivery and more. Any company that has employees are being hired to offer a service. You can also offer online services, such as Skype conferences for prospective business owners to ask any current questions, and participate in a short one-on-one seminar about business start-up and management. This includes a wide range of possibilities and can bring in sufficient income depending on the service offered.

eBooks: Are you full of knowledge? Do you know a lot about a certain topic? Are you a professional mommy, entrepreneur or photographer? Write a short eBook about it! You can add visuals, gifs, videos, charts, graphs, comedy and a crap-load of good information for readers! These range from $.99 to $20 depending on the content, investments made and writers involved. If 10,000 people buy a $1.99 eBook, that is $20,000 over time for writing one book. The trick here is to consistently market these eBooks.

Using multiple types of reach to expand a company is optimal for high success. There are many ways to work for yourself and complete the goals you’ve set out for — it just depends where your niche is.

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