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BG News staff assembling the newspaper for Feb. 19.

Together as students of BGSU and citizens of Bowling Green, we are facing circumstances that we’ve never faced before. But it is more important than ever to stay informed and support each other.

With the goal of serving our community in mind, Falcon Media will continue bringing you the information you need to stay healthy and connected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As students, the staff of the BG News newspaper, BG24 TV, WBGU-FM and Bowling Green Radio Sports Organization are working to adapt to online classes and making decisions to move back home with our families or stay in town. As journalists, we are confirming our commitment to the city of Bowling Green and the BGSU community regardless of what the next few months bring.

We are dedicated to holding leaders in the city and on campus accountable for their decisions and ensuring the voices of those struggling in BG are heard. We are dedicated to bringing you stories of our town’s resilience through this unprecedented adversity.

We are dedicated to serving our readers regardless of the form our work takes.

The latest guidance from the national government to avoid meeting with more than 10 people restricts the editors of the BG News to virtual meetings. This restriction also means the printing of our weekly newspaper is suspended indefinitely for the first time in its 100-year history.

While our coverage won’t be available in physical form, we will continue to post stories online and on social media. Readers are encouraged to sign up for our weekly email newsletter and follow Falcon Media’s accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

We encourage you to share your questions and concerns with us; email us at or reach us through our contact form.

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