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Finding time to work out in college can often cause stress and annoyance. BGSU provides the student body with a recreation center, workout classes, intramural sports and different organizations that prioritize working out.

However, some people are still reluctant to go into the gym, do workout classes or play sports. There can be many reasons working out stays out of a schedule, and after surveying social media, here is a list of the top five reasons that people don’t work out.


1. Busy schedules

College students might be taking 15 credit hours, joining organizations, finding internships or considering the possibility of picking up a part-time job. Some majors require taking maximum credit hours while completing internships at the same time. Continuously being on-the-go can take a toll on one’s mental health and the priority of working out is bottom of the list. But it doesn’t have to be when working out doesn’t have to take an entire morning or afternoon.

Instead of looking at your schedule, like a burden, try seeing the pattern that the university already puts into place. Find 20-30 minutes of free time in the morning, during the day or at night. Going to the gym is not mandatory for working out, because there are plenty of apps, programs and Pinterest boards ready for use. During the spring, find a spot to do yoga or pilates around campus, or if you have a little more time go into the gym, try doing a high-intensity interval training or HIIT workout. These two workouts are designed for people who don’t have time, but still want the chance to work out.


2. Getting bored

Running on the treadmill can be relaxing and a full workout, but most people said they get bored doing regular gym workouts. Going into the gym and using the same exact equipment can get old very fast. This solution is all about creating a mixture routine and getting involved.

Being active is not running on the treadmill everyday for 30 minutes; becoming active is about working out and focusing on different parts of our body, and then your entire body as a whole. Instead of doing seven days of straight cardio, switch it up and create a schedule. Australian personal trainer Kayla Itsines created a workout program that focuses on cardio, HIIT, arms, legs, full body and yoga. Joe Dowdell, another personal trainer, is all about cardio and conditioning the body. An important reminder is working out is for you, and because of that you are in full control.

Another solution for not liking normal workout routines is to try all the different opportunities BGSU provides. During both fall and spring semester the recreation center does intramural sports teams and workout classes taught by students and faculty. Get a group of friends together, propose it to an organization or just go in and join the team. For classes, a spring schedule is available on the website for a wide variety of classes and hours Sunday and Saturday.


3. Not having anyone to work out with

There can be mild anxiety at the thought of having to go into the gym by yourself. Speaking from a female student’s perspective, there are different ways to never have to go into the gym by yourself. By joining CHAARG, a workout organization for women on campus, you have the ability to join a small group and make friends who are passionate about health. There is also the option of making friends in the workout classes and during intramural sports. If none of these are options, remember that while working out with friends is fun, you also can find a state of relaxation working out by yourself.


4. Not enjoying working out at the gym

This was a common reason on social media, because what comes with going to the gym for some can also be anxiety, social interaction and the pressure to know what you’re doing for every piece of equipment. Though working out at a gym with already purchased equipment can be easier it’s not mandatory to have a gym membership in order to be healthy. There are several programs that can be done all from home with zero to little equipment. A popular program for healthy living is designed by Kayla Itsines “Sweat” program.

The program starts at $20 per month, but includes planned workout routines, meal guide, health tracking and community engagement. Though there are apps that give full body workouts and varies different classes for free such as “Active” — an app designed by PopSugar.

Creating a workout routine in college comes much easier when we take a step back and look at the reasons for avoiding the gym. If you get anxiety in public spaces, finding time to work out from home is possibly your fit. If you’re too busy to find time, then space out 20 minutes that you could fit in yoga or a HIIT workout. Or, if you get bored doing “normal” workouts, find fresh, new ways to participate. It’s good to remember, when going to the gym or working out, that you are doing it for nobody but yourself.


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