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Let’s talk about Generation Z conservatives. 

No, we are not the stereotypical old guys yelling at Fox News you might think we are. We are one of the most independent generations in American history, and that is why we are conservatives. We want the government to leave us alone.

Conservatism is believing in the ideals of the Constitution. We believe in the rights of the individual and protecting and expanding those rights. We believe we can disagree and still have important conversations. The government should not be able to control your life. Responsibility matters; your decisions impact you. 

This concept has been lost in our current political system. Last week, there were Democrats on the national stage essentially arguing over who can give the government more power and take away more individual rights. Sen. Kamala Harris is trying to have Trump’s Twitter deactivated; I guess that prosecutor didn’t read the First Amendment. You have people like Hillary Clinton calling Tulsi Gabbard a “Russian asset” because she dares to disagree with current Democratic perspectives on foreign policy. You heard Sen. Warren go on the attack toward Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar because they do not believe we should abolish private insurance.

Obamacare was a colossal failure. We would like to point at every major poverty center in the country and say it once and for all: the government does not cure poverty. Forcing people who are having a rough time under government control does not better them, and we won’t stand for it. Freeing the markets and allowing people to create their own wealth to stand up for themselves – that cures poverty. Cut their taxes and allow them to grow their own capital.

Our freedom of speech is under attack on college campuses. Conservatives believe in the First Amendment. Many public universities have established “speech” zones where they limit expressive speech to specific areas on campus. The defense for these is always protection from “hate speech”; that is utter nonsense. The reality is it is to separate messages of opposition the universities don’t want the students to hear. College is a time for disagreement and conversations. Limiting speech removes this dialogue. Thankfully, BGSU respects the First Amendment here on campus.

Many conservatives agree that climate change is real and we need to do something. That something is not a socialist takeover of the economy. The answer is expanding nuclear energy, reducing subsidies on energy, allowing true competition and allowing green energy to expand.

We will continue to stand up for life in America. No matter the insults hurled at us, we’ve seen the images, we’ve seen the practice and we believe abortion is harmful in America. “Safe, rare and legal” has been thrown away. We believe in loving them both. We stand up for women and their children, as everyone should. Conservatism is compassionate. Many of us contribute to organizations that are built on helping these women and their children. We won’t apologize for it.

It is believed we don’t exist. Believe me, we do, and we’re not going to stop fighting. Organizations like Turning Point USA, Young Americans for Freedom, Young Americans for Liberty and others are continuing to gain strength on college campuses. Just last December over 3,000 high school and college students, including myself, gathered in West Palm Beach to hear from prominent conservatives on how we can take back the narrative being directed at conservatism.

You have every right to disagree with us, and we welcome it. We welcome conversation and debate. Shutting us out and canceling our speakers won’t stop us. We’re here to stay, and we will not stop fighting for our country, states, counties and towns.



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