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Mary Ross

Emotions are a funny thing. They have the power to drive everything in your life and most likely influence everything in your life in some way.

I’m someone who has always prided myself on being able to feel emotions so deeply and understand myself well enough to understand why I feel the way I do and how to proceed forward with life feeling how I do.

That being said, how I feel influences all those around me, sometimes for the worse. When I’m going through something and I’m upset in some capacity, my energy in lower, I don’t smile as much if at all and it can be like pulling teeth to get me to do any work.

But one of the most important lessons I have learned through this is just how important it is to communicate how you feel with important people in your life. Here are some reasons why:

1) They can help you through your emotions.

Like I’ve already said, I’m someone who feels emotions really deeply, so when I start to feel a certain way, it can consume me sometimes. Now, for me, that’s not entirely a bad thing, but it can be debilitating. By talking to those closest to me, whether it’s my closest friends or a family member, I am able to keep afloat and keep plugging ahead. Many times, my friends and family give me awesome advice or words of encouragement I need to feel better. This could be true for many other people too.

2)They know to respect your space.

When I get really upset, whether extremely sad or angry — which happens occasionally — I need to be by myself because I just need to cry or go for a run in order to not feel so bad. By communicating I am angry or extremely sad, my friends and family are able to give me the space I need to bring myself back to a state I can function in. Plus, by communicating my emotions with them, they are able to understand when I am not in the best mental state to be able to help them with something they may be going through.

3)  They understand you better.

By communicating how you feel with those around you, they can begin to understand what makes you tick, in both good ways and bad ways. Those closest to me know that I get really fiery and sassy to the point of being mean if I’m overly exhausted. They know I’m also the same way if I’m hungry. They also know that when I start crying and I only give one reason, there’s other things behind that reason I don’t want to talk about. But because they know that’s how I function, it has made our bond stronger.  

There’s nothing wrong with feeling. But communicating how you feel to those around you is essential to having healthy relationships and building trust. It can be scary at first, especially if you’re not used to communicating how you feel to others, but the rewards in the end are much worth it. 

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