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For me, BGSU is a school of quaint beauty and vibrance. Though it’s undergoing renovations and has been for several years with a few more to go, the campus retains its character and charm.

The newest additions to the campus include the Kuhlin Center, the future Maurer School of Business, the BGSU letters in the middle of the Oval and Centennial and Falcon Heights Residence Halls. However, with the Rodfather at the steering wheel, many new renovations are laid out to be done over the next two decades, including a huge renovation to the Starbucks in the student union, something I’m very excited about.

In terms of bars, the bars are always hopping, with the busy days being Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The most popular bars include 1-4-9, Shots, Liquid and Doc’s, but most people opt to go to house or frat parties prior to hitting the bars. Then, the most popular place to stop on the way back to either the dorms, apartments or houses is Taco Bell, which remains open late into the morning to accommodate all the hungry people.

While we struggle to be at the top of our divisions in most sports, our hockey team is incredible. The talent, skill and dedication from both the players and the coaches makes going to games with my brother and friends a treat. There’s nothing quite like the energy that surges through the Madhouse on Mercer, especially with some of the chants, such as “… and Toledo still sucks!” being screamed from the student section at the top of everyone’s lungs.

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The best kept secrets of campus for me now include the hill on the back of the Wolfe Center, the grassy areas in Old Campus, the fourth floor conference rooms in the Kuhlin Center and Starbucks in the student union after 7 pm. All possess a calmness where I can be my most productive. Other popular places for students include the Bowen-Thompson Student Union, the Rec and many of the random lounges found in secluded spots around campus. Everyone is able to find their own nook and cranny they love to go to do homework or hang out.

Bible Bob and other religious folks usually are common on campus, though I have yet to see them this year. Other commonplace sites include H20 with snow cones and water, fraternities and sororities raising money or awareness for one thing or another and people vaping as they walk to and fro (though vaping isn’t really allowed on campus).

Though I have grown up seeing renovations done to the campus, it’s still a beautiful place to be and call home. Times change a lot, but time hasn’t touched the raw positive emotions everyone who steps on BG’s campus feels.

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