semester end 5/2

Finally, the end of the semester is here. It sucks seeing some of my friends that go to OSU and other schools who are already out for the summer. I’m just trying to go home and snuggle with my dog after not seeing him for so long. The weather that is coming is nice, which isn’t helping motivation — which in fact I have none. I know that we have just over two weeks left. We all need to finish the semester strong. Here are some tips on how to do it!


1.     REFOCUS


“Get your life together” before the madness of finals begin. Having a plan for the day will help. Refocus your attention so it’s on one thing at a time, and not a million assignments piling up one after another.


2.     Keep a to-do list


Checking things off the to-do list will make you feel so much better. It’s a huge accomplishment and a weight off your chest. Seeing the little line go through a project makes you want to keep knocking things off of the list.


3.     Find the perfect study place


Whether it’s Club Jerome, the dorms or the fourth floor of the union, my personal favorite, finding a study spot is essential. This shouldn’t be in your room and should be far from distractions. A place with a little bit of background noise and a big table is the best bet for a study spot.


4.     Relax and unwind


Have some fun with friends. The weekend is a time to study but also to catch up with friends. Summer is coming and you don’t know the next time you will be able to see your friends.


5.     Get enough sleep


Sleep is really important. Without sleep you could become irritable, less energetic and overall just in a bad mood. It is recommended to get between seven to nine hours of sleep. It’s important to study for finals, but more important to sleep. Cramming information the night before without sleep causes more damage to your health and your grades.


6.     Don’t procrastinate


There are only about two weeks left in the semester. Don’t slow down. By slowing down and pushing things to the last minute you will either not do the assignments or get even more stressed finishing assignments at the last minute.

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