Climate Change 9/28

Sept. 20 marked a historical Friday in the world. Children all over the world came together to organize a climate strike offour million people in 163 countries to demand world leaders start to take action on climate change. This worldwide awakening was started by an enthusiastic 16-year-old child from Sweden named Greta Thunberg in August 2018. Since 2018, Greta has skipped Friday classes to strike for climate change, and today the world tells her that she is not alone in this movement.

Impacts of climate change such as heat waves, storms, rising sea levels, wildfires and prolonged droughts periods have been felt by all countries in the world. Climate change is now one of the leading growth threats to human life and the economy. Recently, the temperature rise and heat waves have led to wildfires with devastating impacts in places likeCalifornia,Siberia and theAmazon Rainforest. Storms and floods have also swept away peoples’ belongings and reduced them into poverty. By 2050, it is estimated more than140 million people will be internally displaced by these climate change effects. Most of these people will be children. 

When I saw a worldwide strike organized mostly by children on Sept. 20, I was so moved by this awakening. I realized this is the generation of children which has vowed to protect 140 million individuals who are estimated to be internally displaced by climate change effects by 2050. It is the generation which tells their parents and grandparents who designed and supervised the world’s auspiciouseconomic plan that, “ending extreme poverty conditions by 2030 will not be possible unless you tackle climate change.” And their message is simply to reduce carbon emission to the atmosphere.

When the world leaders gather for United Nation General Assembly on Sept. 23, it is important for them to realize that climate change threatens peace and stability of the world. It is time for the countries that have echoed the cry of our children and promised to cut carbon emissions to zero percent by2050, such as the United Kingdom and France, to lead others to do the same. Nothing substantial on climate change has been received from the current United States administration. However, I trust Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey’s "Green New Deal” will bring something to save the environment. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been a vocal supporter of children climate strike movement. She has spent time listening to them and their demands. I believe she understands that climate change effects affect children more than adults. My expectation is that her “Green New Deal” will highlight where America stands in a fight for climate change. A fight, which I expect all heavy industrialized countries which are the major polluters to lead in carbon emissions cut.

Children school strikes remind us that offices, schools, homes and industries we build can be lost in a blink of an eye with some of the effects of climate change. I do not vouch for students or pupils to be out there striking instead of schooling. However, school strikes mean the world should take actions to protect schools and homes from being swept away by floods and storms. We can help reduce the occurrences and impacts of climate change effects by taking decisive actions today such as investing in clean technology.

I thank 16-year-old, Greta Thunberg, and other children for awakening the world. It is time for all the people in the world to take actions to protect our planet. I believe those who are reluctant to take action because they believe it will affect their economies have also learnt that climate change affects economic growth. Infrastructures and crop productions damaged by storms and prolonged droughts have proved to devastate countries’ economic growth. Furthermore, people whose belongings have been destroyed or lost in an incidence of climate change have never received enough compensation to regain their economic status. These people are voters and taxpayers. It is a pity when administrators close their eyes and refuse to take action on climate change.

Earth is our planet, and it is the only planet living organisms can exist, according to Chemistry World. However, when heat waves, storms, tsunami, wildfire and prolonged droughts intensify, life on earth will be impossible. We should all come together to protect our earth. Children have led the way by pressing administrators to act on climate change. We must support their cause. 

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