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Recently, I was caught up in a discussion about whether college students should participate in elections in their hometown or in their college towns. The person I was talking to argued that since college students only live in their college towns for an average four years, they are voting for changes to be made they won’t stick around to see happen.

Though I conceded they had a solid point, even if college students don’t stick around to see the changes made, other college students will be coming in and filling their shoes. So, my question is why not vote for officials and for different ideas that could improve the lives of those students that come after us here at BGSU?

It’s no secret that I lean more on the progressive and liberal side when it comes to my political views, so what I want to see in the future seeks to move toward a more socially equal, environmentally friendly community that thrives economically nonetheless.

First, I want local Bowling Green lawmakers to reconsider and discuss the plastic bag ban. This was discussed last year, and I was a full supporter of the plastic bag ban. Single use plastic bags are one of the biggest pollutants in our oceans. By creating a ban, it encourages the use of reusable bags, which not only can be used for activities such as grocery shopping and shopping in general, but also can be used for moving in and out of residence halls and off-campus housing back home for the summer. Even if the ban isn’t a full ban, a partial ban in order to limit single use plastic bag usage would be awesome.

Second, I want local Bowling Green lawmakers to keep up and continue funding environmental projects such as Wintergarden in order to restore the environment to a healthy state to keep water quality good in the BG area as well as limit the amount of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. If lawmakers could possibly even give more funding to environmental projects, especially projects that help lower income families in the area live in more sustainable ways, that would be awesome to see.

Lastly, if there are the funds for it in the city budget, I would like roads to contain bike lanes in order to make room for the many students that live off campus that ride their bikes to school. Currently, drivers don’t make room for cyclists to ride their bikes on the street, but the cyclists at danger of being hit by cars. One of my coworkers who has to ride her bike from the Edge to the residence hall we work in to get to work has told me countless stories of cars almost hitting her and cars honking at her, resulting in her being terrified the entire way to work.

These are just three ideas that may seem miniscule, but to me, they are issues I would really like to see discussed and possibly enacted in the next couple years.

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