Emo Night

WBGU-FM will be hosting an Emo Night every month for the rest of the semester.

WBGU-FM is giving students a chance to channel their early-2000s sadness with a night of emo music.

Junior journalism major, music business minor and DJ Lindsey Haynes, known on the airwaves as Penny Rae Hawkins, will be playing music suggested by emo fans on social media throughout the night.

“They (the WBGU-FM promotions team) came to me, but I was definitely like, ‘Oh my God, yes please!’” Haynes said about how she got involved as a DJ for Emo Night.

Haynes is excited to be able play the music she loves for a crowd. She’s a regular at Goth Night at Liquid Bar on Wednesdays but finds the music “a little too heavy, a little too industrial for (her) taste,” she said. On the other hand, other clubs in Bowling Green play pop music, and Haynes does not like that genre.

“The fact that not only will I be able to hear the music that I love but I’ll be in charge of it and be able to share it with other people is super exciting,” she said.

The night will also feature a piñata “to fill with your feelings and destroy!” according to the Emo Night Facebook event description.

The emo genre is defined by “forceful vulnerability,” music journalist Jesse Richman writes in an Alternative Press article. Born from the ‘80s and developed throughout the ‘90s, this genre became a mix of grunge, alternative rock and pop-punk.

Emo began to hit the mainstream radio stations in the early 2000s with anthems from Jimmy Eat World, Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance. Warped Tour also became a stage for emo rockers to share their angst-filled songs with the masses.

Songs from these bands and others are some of Haynes’ favorite jams from the emo era. She hopes others enjoy the night and its music as much as she does.

“I think everyone should come out to Emo Night for one thing because it’s going to be a really fun time,” she said. “The music is something I’ve always loved a lot; it’s something I’ve always connected with, and I feel like there are other people who have connected with it.

“I think also there’s a bit of nostalgia there for it especially because I was in elementary school during the emo boom, but there are people … who in town who grew up with and were there for the scene and were involved with it.”

Students can rock out at Emo Night at Howard’s Club H Thursday starting at 9 p.m. There is no cover charge.

Attendees can request songs using #FalconSad on Twitter or commenting on the Emo Night Facebook event page. Get in the mood for Emo Night by jamming out to some of Haynes’ favorite emo tunes:


The Middle” - Jimmy Eat World


Ocean Avenue” - Yellowcard

I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” - My Chemical Romance


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