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With so much new music constantly coming out with the rise of the internet, it can be hard to find new music that isn’t already flooding the airwaves. Luckily, I’ve got you covered. Here are seven artists to listen to and where to start. 


Snail Mail 

20-year-old Lindsey Jordan makes up what is Snail Mail. Considering how young she is, her words cut deep beyond her years. Everything is so well polished so early that it wouldn’t be a surprise to see her dominate the alternative charts in the years to come. Her 2018 debut album “Lush” is the perfect starting point to get into her brand of music. 



Are you ready to rage? With two albums under their belt – 2017’s “Brutalism” and 2018’s “Joy As An Act of Resistance.” IDLES has racked up both critical acclaim and a rabid fanbase. The band’s rowdy nature is comparable to that of The Clash and other punk outlets from the ‘70s heyday of the genre. 


Fontaine’s D.C.

If you’re looking for something a bit prettier than IDLES smash-mouth approach, Fontaines D.C. are a bit similar but with a poppier edge to them. Their 2019 album “Dogrel” has been making waves all over the world, and with momentum like that and music that good, it’s hard to imagine them slowing down anytime soon.


Pigeons Playing Ping Pong 

A jam band much in the same vein as a band like Phish, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong have grown a consistent fan base from not only their music but their marathon touring sessions - playing as many as 200 shows a year. The music, while lengthy, is incredibly funky and energetic. 



Maybe the most off-the-wall artist on this list, SOPHIE doesn’t get the credit she deserves. Both a producer and an artist in her own right, you may recognize SOPHIE’s signature production style from an album like Vince Staples’ 2017 outing “Big Fish Theory.” Her 2018 album “Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides” hits just as hard.


Yves Tumor 

Yves Tumor is an experimental and electronic artist whose 2018 album “Safe in the Hands of Love” really put him on the map. As an electronic artist, the fact that he’s signed to Warp Records — home to big time players like Aphex Twin, among others — should tell you that there is a bright future ahead for this artist.


Steady Holiday 

Looking for some relaxing music to get into? Presented here is one of the most soothing voices in alternative music in Dre Babinski. With music dating back to 2016 on all streaming services, Steady Holiday is the perfect band to listen to if you’re looking for something on the smoother side of things.

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