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The Switch is a fantastic console. Yes, I’m clearly biased; nice to meet you. It has fantastic first-party games, with more to come soon, and great indies that seem to be coming out every month on a steady stream.

Apart from that, there are also ports of older third-party games that sporadically arrive on the hybrid gaming system. “Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen” just released on the system not long ago and the popular “Dark Souls: Remastered” also received a port. There are some third-party games, though, that I would like to see make their debut on the console. Here are a few of them.


Persona 5

‘Persona 5 Royal’

“Persona 5” is a JRPG set in contemporary Japan centered on struggling high school students that try to change the hearts of those corrupted by society. Yes, it sounds very angsty by description and something that someone who shops too much at Hot Topic would come up with, but it’s a quality game with depth for days.

There is traditional dungeon crawling as many RPGs have, and it’s not too bad in this one, but that’s only half the game. Along with dungeon crawling, you can gather personas, the in-game enemies-turned-allies you collect and fuse to earn more powerful ones. They serve as spirits that you can use a variety of elemental attacks with for combat. Picture them as pokémon, but they’re demons. There’s a social life you must maintain throughout the game as well. Now I barely do this in real life, so having a game about it sounds unappealing, but the way it works in “Persona 5” is highly satisfying. Building bonds with the varied characters in the game and slowly learning more about their personalities and backstories can range from heart-warming to heart-breaking.

With Joker, the main protagonist of “Persona 5,” coming to “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” as DLC not long ago and Atlus teasing Persona news over the course of a few months with mysterious titles, many were expecting to hear a Switch version of the stylish JRPG series. And indeed, Switch owners will get a Persona game, just in the form of a Musou game. Musou games are part of the Koei Tecmo Warriors franchise where players are tasked with taking on large waves of enemies all at once. The Zelda and Fire Emblem franchises have had previous releases in this style of game as well on the Switch.

I, personally, would love to see “Persona 5 Royal” come to the Switch at some point. “Royal” is an updated version of “Persona 5” that adds in a new character, a new area to explore and much more. The Persona series has largely been a PlayStation exclusive since its creation, so the odds are not likely of “Royal” coming to the Switch. Relations between Microsoft and Nintendo have been great though, so perhaps the same can happen between Sony and Nintendo. Or maybe I’m just being greedy and want every game on the Switch. You decide.



‘Ori and the Blind Forest’

This game is more in the vein of what I usually play. “Ori and the Blind Forest” is a platformer Metroidvania adventure with gorgeous visuals and a magical soundtrack.

Players are tasked with restoring the forest home that shelters Ori and pals after it is decimated by a tragic event. There have been other games that tell the tales of adorable forest creatures, but this one just has a great mix of so much. The art style is charming, the score summons a tide of emotions at key moments, the gameplay looks top-notch and the world beckons to be explored. “Ori and the Blind Forest” looks like the perfect game to fit in with the Switch’s library.

The game, however, is a Microsoft exclusive title. It first released in March 2015 for the Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. The odds of this title coming to the Switch are rare, but it could happen. “Cuphead” was surprisingly announced for the Switch and was a welcome surprise partnership between Microsoft and Nintendo. I’d like to see this partnership continue to blossom with smaller titles such as Ori. With Ori’s sequel announced at E3 2017, “Ori and the Will of the Wisps,” perhaps more publicity could be brought to the series with a Switch port.



‘Portal 2’

I play two puzzle games a year, and then I’m satisfied with the genre. Though one game I’m always up for playing either single or multiplayer is “Portal 2.”

The critically-acclaimed and consumer-beloved “Portal 2” tasks players with solving first-person physics puzzles but with a twist: you use portals. The game would grow tiring, however, if it were just empty rooms with puzzles to solve, no matter how inventive the puzzles. As a result, there is a narrative happening simultaneously as players solve puzzles. Taking control of Chell, the silent protagonist, players must escape the clutches of the evil sentient robot GLaDOS as she makes snarky comments while trying to torment Chell. The story is intriguing enough that, merged with the excellent puzzles, keeps players moving forward.

“Portal 2” would be an excellent addition to the Switch’s ever-growing library. Especially with the multiplayer component of the game. “Portal 2” has a two-player mode that forces duos to work together in order to solve some very notoriously-crafted puzzles. GLaDOS also returns to bully players in this mode, so prepare to be insulted. With the Switch’s on-the-go nature and the removable Joy-Con on the sides, taking and playing “Portal 2” anywhere with a friend sounds fantastic. Who knows what Valve does anymore though, so I don’t think this game will ever be ported. I like ending on happy notes.



‘Spyro Reignited Trilogy’

Yeah, this is technically cheating since this is more than one game, it’s a trilogy. Most people know the iconic purple dragon as a PlayStation classic. And indeed, for a time, Spyro’s best games were coming out on Sony’s consoles exclusively. As time went on, more Spyro titles came out to varying degrees of quality, all culminating in a toys-to-life video games series called “Skylanders.” Some people barely know that the series started as a Spyro spinoff title. I barely remembered, not that I wanted to either.

But, after years of not exactly receiving a core Spyro title, someone somewhere decided to remake the first three main games in the series. The remade games look great. They have a splendid, cartoony vibe to them that’s easy on the eyes. And the gameplay looks polished and cleaned up compared to the originals. The remade trilogy had a simultaneous release on PS4 and Xbox One at its launch. The Switch was not announced to have a version of it, however. Activision owns the rights to Spyro as well as Crash Bandicoot. Crash had his own remastered trilogy released on Switch after a timed exclusivity on PlayStation. “Spyro: Reignited Trilogy” has been out for a while and still has not been announced to be coming to Switch. The possibility is still there though, but it is uncertain as to the game’s fate on Nintendo’s console.


Metal Gear Solid

‘Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection’

My cheating continues as this collection has, like, eight games in it. Almost every game in the Metal Gear Solid franchise has contributed an innovative piece of game design to the industry. Whether that be in actual gameplay or narrative, the series has been an important piece of gaming history. The games have a sometimes wacky tone to them while also balancing an ambitious, politically-driven narrative with some great spy action mixed in.

The foreseeable future of Metal Gear Solid has been murky ever since series creator Hideo Kojima and series publisher Konami got into a spat over the series. Things got messy between the two that left fans of the series mad at publisher Konami, since it resulted in Kojima’s untimely departure from the studio and consequently, Metal Gear Solid. “Metal Gear Survive” was the first game released by Konami that wasn’t under Kojima’s guidance. It was met with mediocre reviews from critics and largely negative fan reception. While the future is uncertain for the series to move forward, a port of the older games in the franchise to modern consoles would be welcome. The Legacy Collection contained all the games except for the split entry: “Metal Gear Solid V.” The older titles re-releasing would give modern console owners the opportunity to play them. All the games have been released on the PS3 before, so in terms of power, the Switch should not have a problem with the games. Konami’s plan with the series is unknown, but a release of the classic titles of Metal Gear Solid would be much welcome.




I already own “Overwatch” on my PS4 but it’s not on Switch and I’m greedy, as previously mentioned. “Overwatch” is an online-focused, first-person game that pits players against each other in various battle modes for team domination. I was initially drawn to the game not by the gameplay, but by the characters that players can take control of. The character design is inventive, colorful, fresh and fun. Almost every character seems to have been taken meticulous care of and seems unique. There’s a gunslinging cowboy with a cybernetic arm, sword-wielding Japanese brothers who can summon dragons, a hacker woman from Mexico who can turn invisible and a hamster in a giant ball mech suit. The diverse amount of combatants in the game just adds so much variety and character to “Overwatch.” Though I’m horrible at the game, I still enjoy playing it, and I’m a big fan of the diversity in the characters. There’s representation of many people around the world with the character selection. I would love to see this title on the Switch. Being able to play more casually on the system in handheld mode would be fantastic.

The odds of these games coming to the Switch are pretty slim. There haven’t been any rumors of any sort for these titles and announcements in the future are unlikely. But stranger things have happened, and the gaming industry can hold some surprises in store. For now though, there are plenty of third-party games coming to the Switch, and I’m sure even more great titles will be announced.

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