One way to beat the heat this summer inside or pass time while soaking up the sun outside is to stream a new show or have a movie marathon. These picks are perfect whether you need to waste time on a long road trip, tune out annoying siblings on that family vacation or wind down after a long day at your summer job. 


‘Game of Thrones’

Currently streaming on: HBO

“Game of Thrones,” especially during its later seasons, had, and still has, a massive presence on social media and much of popular culture. In short, the series is about multiple families fighting for power in the land of Westeros, with the ultimate goal of claiming the Iron Throne. The infighting, bloodshed and tragic deaths are just part of the appeal, with political drama and an undead threat taking prominence in major storylines as well.

However, HBO’s premiere juggernaut has come to a close and clocking in at over 500 hours, the series makes for a perfect world to spend those hot summer days in.


‘Black Mirror’

Black Mirror streaming

Currently streaming on: Netflix

There seems to be a new technological advance every week, and speculation as to what the next step forward could be is an interesting idea to ponder. “Black Mirror” shows how the technology of the future has the potential to play on people’s most primal instincts. Each episode provides thought-provoking commentary on many of the darker aspects to the screens we stare at and the applications we use.

Currently, there are around 18 hours of content to watch. The anthology series has five seasons under its belt, the latest of which premiered June 5.


The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Currently streaming on: Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Starz

With a staggering 22 films spanning over three phases, the MCU is a behemoth of a saga. Starting with 2008’s “Iron Man” and ending with this year’s “Avengers: Endgame,” there is a breadth of superhero struggles and extraterrestrial evil to watch. The impact the MCU has had on film and entertainment is unbelievable, and it will only continue to do so with Phase 4 and onward.

The various films are spread across Netflix, Starz and Hulu and its Live TV add-on. Every film is also available for rent or purchase on Amazon, aside from “Captain Marvel” which is still in theaters.


‘Silicon Valley’

Currently streaming on: HBO

Take the natural chemistry between characters from shows like “The Office” and “Friends,” and mix it with the hilarity of “Arrested Development” and geekiness of the “IT Crowd,” and you have “Silicon Valley.” The wacky situations the characters find themselves in have hilarious payoffs anchored by each character being fleshed out to the degree where they are distinguishable from one another more so than other sitcoms. The show even takes the varied complexities of programming and the technology industry and streamlines it for viewers. Even the departure of a principal cast member, TJ Miller, after Season 4 could not derail the quality of the show.

The show has five seasons under its belt, with the sixth season rumored to begin production this summer.


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