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Spooky season is here, and with it is a new batch of entertaining films and television shows to watch this month. They may not all be spooky, but they will leave you laughing, crying, screaming and everything else in between.


‘Big Mouth’ (Season three)

Streaming on: Netflix

The irreverent animated comedy is returning for a third season on Oct. 4.

Season two ended with the gang ridding themselves of David Thewlis’ Shame Wizard and embracing their oddities, as well as Andrew and Nick venturing into the world of their hormone monsters’ day jobs to find answers and save Jessi. Season two also contained some unexpected commentary on depression in youth and what it means to be yourself while layering their classic crude humor throughout.

Season three looks to continue the trend of the uncomfortable realities of puberty and social outcasts with Ali Wong as a new pansexual student, Chelsea Peretti as a talking phone, Thandie Newton as Missy’s Hormone Monstress and the cast of the television show “Queer Eye.”


‘Little Monsters’

Streaming on: Hulu

If you still want a dose of spooks on your television, “Little Monsters” is looking to blend zombies with dry humor from director Abe Forsythe.

Underrated actors, such as Josh Gad who will play a kids show character named Teddy McGiggle, Lupita Nyong’o as protective teacher Miss Caroline and Alexander England as a has-been musician, will join a zany cast of characters as they face a zombie invasion at a kindergarten day camp.

The trailer showed self-awareness toward the played-out trope of zombie movies, while humorously contrasting obscene violence and language with the innocence of kindergarteners. The movie will see a limited theatrical release on Oct. 8 and will be available on Hulu on Oct. 11.


‘BoJack Horseman’ (Season six)

Streaming on: Netflix

If there is one animated show today that consistently subverts expectations and presents a cast of deeply complex characters, it would be “BoJack Horseman.”

The sixth and final season will premiere in two parts. Eight episodes will premiere on Oct. 25 and eight more episodes will premiere on Jan. 31. 

Season five ended with BoJack reaching an even newer low as he physically choked his co-star in a fit of drug-induced hysteria, and then finally relenting to check himself into a rehabilitation center at the behest of his friends. BoJack has always tried to become a better person but ultimately failed due to his personal shortcomings. Rehabilitation is looking to be his last hope to save himself from complete self-destruction.

Despite the controversial cancellation of the show, BoJack and the rest of the cast will hopefully overcome their personal struggles and achieve happiness.


‘El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie’

Streaming on: Netflix

“Breaking Bad” ended in 2013 and now audiences will finally get to learn what became of Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman after his intense escape in the series finale.

Pinkman will now have to contend with the police and his own inner demons without the aid of Walter White. Rectifying the past and creating a better future for himself is no easy task, but Pinkman has shown in “Breaking Bad” that he is more than capable.

The movie will also be bringing back fan favorites such as Matt Jones’ Badger, Charles Baker’s Skinny Pete and Jonathan Banks’ Mike Ehrmantraut.

On Oct. 11, fans will receive the long-awaited closure on one of television’s most groundbreaking dramas.


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