5 songs

5 girl group songs to get you through the week.

Get ready to scream, because it’s boy band time.

One Direction - ‘Steal My Girl’

One Direction is the boy band that Generation Z will always hold close to their hearts. As a group composed of five handsome young men, girls were bound to fall in love with both their dreamy good looks and their delicious songs. While “What Makes You Beautiful” would be an equally great choice, “Steal My Girl” showcases the band at the peak of their powers before Zayn Malik would leave to pursue a solo career.

New Edition - ‘Cool It Now’

Known to cause dance breakdowns in the BG Newsroom, “Cool It Now” by New Edition is a certified boy band classic. What’s different about New Edition and their sound as compared to the other bands in this article is how unique their voices sounded when they first came out. With their high-pitched, childish voices, New Edition sounded like you had six Michael Jacksons from the Jackson 5 days. A worthy listen whenever the conversation comes up about the best boy bands ever.

*NSYNC - ‘Tearin’ Up My Heart’

They would get bigger, but it’s arguable that they never sounded better than on here. The quintet of Justin Timberlake, Chris Kirkpatrick, Lance Bass, JC Chasez and Joey Fatone sold units like gangbusters back in their heyday, and left a blueprint for all other boy bands to follow after. While Timberlake would go on to overshadow the others, both after the breakup and on subsequent records by the band, “Tearin’ Up My Heart” shows the band at the prime of their teamwork.

Backstreet Boys - ‘I Want It That Way’

This one may be too easy, but sometimes the best answers are the obvious ones. Back in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, the Backstreet Boys were all that and then some. “I Want It That Way” from 1999’s “Millenium” is the one song by them that everyone knows whether they want to or not. The song has even been parodied by the legendary “Weird Al” Yankovich. That’s how you know this song is worth giving a listen to.


While not technically what you might think of when the phrase “boy band” comes to mind, BROCKHAMPTON has deemed themselves the “best boy band since One Direction” on their song “Boogie.” With a running total of members that reaches as high as 16, BROCKHAMPTON have been stealing the hearts of people since they released their “Saturation” trilogy of albums in 2017. “Weight,” a standout cut from the group’s 2018 outing “iridescence,” is the best starting point to get into the current iteration of the band.

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