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The Clash - ‘Lost in the Supermarket’

“The only band that matters,” was the tagline that followed The Clash around wherever they would go in their heyday, and albums like 1979’s “London Calling” showed why. Hailed as one of the greatest albums of all time, “London Calling” was a tour de force statement that was unafraid to tackle any subject that the band wanted to cover. “Lost in the Supermarket,” one of the more underrated songs on the album, touches on the idea of consumerism.


Bonus Points: “The Clash” (1977) and “London Calling” (1979)


Playboi Carti - ‘No Time’ (feat. Gunna)

It’s only right that Playboi Carti would earn himself a spot on this list considering he invented music. Carti is one of those artists that you either get or don’t get with no in-between. For those who get him, they will tell you that his brand is one that is able to effortlessly float over luscious instrumentals with both ease and different voices. No more is this evident than on 2018’s “No Time” featuring Gunna. After Pi’erre Bourne lays the groundwork with a heavenly sounding beat and Gunna gives one of his best performances on the mic, Playboi Carti flies over both with his hedonistic magic carpet.


Bonus Points: His 2017 self-titled project has it’s moments, especially with “Magnolia”, but Carti really comes into his own on 2018’s “Die Lit.”


Bastille - ‘Pompeii’ (Audien Remix)

Back in the heyday of Vine, this song was used to enhance a Vine of an NBA buzzer-beater in the sports section. It’s easy to see why. The energy that this remix elicits is far superior to that of the original Bastille version. The original is not bad by any stretch, but if you’re looking for a song to motivate you and get your blood pumping, this is it. 


Bonus Points: You can’t go wrong with other EDM remixes like Crankdat remix of Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen” or the Benjie Reyes version of Drake’s “Hotline Bling.”


Shawn Lane - ‘Get You Back’

Shawn Lane is one of the most popular shred guitarists there’s ever been. His most famous track, more than likely, is “Get You Back” off of his 1992 debut album “Powers of Ten.” What’s interesting about this song, however, is that it’s not your stereotypical shred guitar blitzkrieg. Rather than present an onslaught of fast guitar work, Lane provides a very melodic piece of music. A guitar track you can hum along to, yet still bang your head to. 


Bonus Points: Shawn Lane has a large catalog of records, but if you’re looking for other catchy guitar only songs, Link Wrays “Rumble” or CHIC’s “Savoir Faire” should suffice.


Kendrick Lamar - ‘A.D.H.D.’

Before Kendrick Lamar became, well, Kendrick Lamar, he was just a kid from Compton being co-signed by another kid from Compton in the form of Dr. Dre. Even though he’s gone to conquer the world with some of the most revered bodies of work of his generation, it’s always important to remember where an artist began showing that potential. It’s with early tracks like “A.D.H.D.” from his 2011 debut, “Section.80,” where he began to show people why a godfather of the West Coast would hold him in such high regard. He has yet to prove him wrong. 


Bonus Points: It’s Kendrick Lamar. Anything from the aforementioned “Section.80” to 2017’s “DAMN.” is worth checking out


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