5 songs 12/3

KISS - ‘Calling Dr. Love’

We could all use a little love during these tough times, and KISS presents just the medicine for you with this slick track. While a “love doctor” might be something that sounds pretty illegal, doesn’t it at least sound fun? At the very least, it makes for a great song to listen to while you’re holed up with family members.

Motley Crue - ‘Dr. Feelgood’

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first: this song is about doing heavy drugs. Please do not do heavy drugs. There are plenty of other fun tasks to do while in isolation - such as chewing bubble gum or watching dirty movies. Regardless, this is a great track from one of the most popular '80s heavy metal bands and a great song to blast before heading out to the hospital.

Wiz Khalifa - ‘Medicated’

Marijuana is being legalized in more and more states in the U.S., and that means more and more people have started to use weed as a coping mechanism and their own personal medicine. Wiz Khalifa has been using this method long before the idea of legalizing marijuana was even a real possibility and is one of the modern poster boys for stoners all over. Case in point, a song like “Medicated” showcases Wiz reflecting on his past while lighting up to the success he has amassed throughout his career. For Wiz, the vaccine for pain is weed.

Thompson Twins - ‘Doctor! Doctor!’

Pure ‘80s cheese at its best. The Thompson Twins, more famously known for their hit single “Hold Me Now,” had more than one single that became popular under their belt back in the day. “Doctor! Doctor!” was the group’s second-most successful single, and boy, does it sound like an ‘80s song if there ever was one. If you’re looking for a sign of the times for that era to listen to during quarantine, this would be it.

Dr. Dre - ‘Talking To My Diary’

When it comes to music, there is really only one doctor that naturally comes to mind first: Andre Young. One of the greatest producers to have ever lived, Dr. Dre has also helped to jumpstart the careers of names like Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar and plenty more. While Dre has so many solo classics to go to, the closing track from 2015’s “Compton” is a great introspective track from the doctor himself on his whole career. While not necessarily the best starting point for those who have never heard the doctor's music before, it is the perfect closing number if he decides it to be his last album.

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