On Oct. 4, I had the opportunity to see a band called 90’s Kids perform in Columbus at The Basement. 90’s Kids is an alternative pop band, originally from Columbus, who tours around the United States.

Having become familiar with 90’s Kids before tripping down to Columbus to see the concert, I really like the style of music they play because the music itself is upbeat and energetic, but never fails to allow all the emotions of the artists to be felt.

One of their songs that does this very well, and was played at the concert, is “Somebody Just As Good As You,” a song that’s very easy to dance to, but also portrays heartbreak and desire quite well.

For the concert, 90’s Kids started their set by performing one of their most popular songs, “Adeline,” released in 2018. Starting with this song got the entire crowd pumped up. Everyone in the audience kept pushing forward to get closer to the stage, which resulted in my friends and me getting within five feet of the front row pushed up against the stage.

The part of this audience that was particularly cool for me was a majority of the members knew the words to every song, increasing the energy in the audience.

Other songs 90’s Kids played included “Champagne,” “Heartbeat,” “Slow Motion,” “Bad News” and “Classic.”

The band also broke up playing their own music with a rendition of Billie Eilish’s song “Bad Guy,” which was a huge hit with all the people around me, as they were dancing and singing to it just like they were to all the original 90’s Kids songs.

During “Champagne,” the audience got to experience Corey Mouch, the lead singer, up close and personal when he jumped into the audience to dance with everyone. I thought it was really cool because it showed just how important it was to him to make that connection with the audience. 

They finished out the night with an encore performance of their most recent single, “Slow Motion,” with confetti falling from the ceiling. 

Though the music and performance were phenomenal, one of the coolest parts of the concert was the personal interactions the band members had with members of their audience. My friends and I had the opportunity to meet Corey after the set, and he took the time to shake each one of our hands and ask our names before having a couple minutes of conversation with us and taking a picture.

Another aspect of the performance I really enjoyed was the use of a smaller venue. The venue (The Basement) allowed for a quite intimate feel and allowed for a lot of people to get close to the stage to experience the concert close up.

Overall, of the three concerts I have been to in my life, this was definitely my favorite. The music was upbeat and fun to dance and scream to. Corey was very personable when addressing the audience in his little speeches between songs. The energy surging from the band members into the audience and from the audience back to the band members was infectious.

If you are looking for a high energy band with a laid back sound and relatable songs, check out 90’s Kids. Their music is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and Deezer.


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